Can we really point out the 10 best egg recipes worldwide? As a family, we cannot do without eggs. We have eggs for breakfast everyday. Sometimes, we decide to make a quick weeknight dinner or a lunch with an egg curry. It could also be a casserole. On those days, we tend to skip the egg for breakfast. Having said that, the egg makes an entry into our kitchen every single day.

So, I decided to put together one post and highlight 10 of my must try egg recipes. 

Let’s begin with breakfast

Farmer’s Frittata

Omelettes, fried eggs and scrambled eggs aside, when we are looking for a wholesome breakfast recipe, a frittata is a great option. Farmer’s frittata would certainly feature in our 10 best egg recipes. You can do any kind of variation in the recipe. It is healthy and can be stored for a day or two in the refrigerator. It tastes good both when warm and cold. 

Farmer's Frittata - 10 best egg recipes

Skillet Baked Eggs

A skillet is a very important kitchen tool and you can make terrific eggs in a skillet. This recipe of skillet baked eggs is extremely flxible in the use of ingredients. However, with sausages and bacon in the eggs, it packs a lot of protein. You can also throw in some grilled chicken to this recipe. We have used truffle oil in the end. I think truffle oil and eggs are a brilliant combination. Having said that, it is not mandatory to use truffle oil. Click on the link to the recipe to see why it should be in the 10 best egg recipes list.

Skillet baked eggs - 10 best egg recipes

Souffle Omelette

For a long time, I only loved a nice soft and almost runny cheese omelette until I discovered this. It was during the first lockdown of covid period and I tried making a proper souffle omelette. And it was an ‘OMG’ moment. With a jiggly centre and a fluffy texture, this souffle omelette is easy to make as long as you follow the recipe to the ‘T’. Although, I have to admit that it requires patience to whisk the eggs till they have reached the correct peak. A little before will make the egg collapse. Follow the youtube video of this recipe and make your perfect souffle omelette to dazzle your family for breakfast. Anindya had his first in Taj Bengal Kolkata  and then we did this at home . Execuitve Sujoy Gupta did a wonderful job indeed. 

Here is the link to that –

Kerala Egg Roast or Mutta Roast

If you want a change in flavour of eggs, want to go full on desi, then I have to recommend this breakfast recipe from Kerala. When you’ve had enough of anda bhurjee and masala omelette, do try this mutta roast. When you make it with duck eggs, it is called nadan mutta roast. They eat it with appams and mutta roast is extremely popular in Kerala. A must try recipe, this one definitely deserves a spot in the 10 best egg recipes.

Don’t just show your food, showcase it. Behance

Kerala Egg Roast - 6

Moving on to a Curry

Dimer Dalna- Bengali style everyday egg curry

Let’s move on to some egg curry. Now there are hundreds of egg curry recipes and every region has their own egg curry. There is also the dhaba style egg curry. However, when you are looking for something light and easy on the stomach and want a one pot meal, this Bengali style dimer dalna comes in handy. When you make a dimer dalna, you don’t need anything else but some rice with it. A roti or a paratha might also do but it goes best with rice. Squeeze some lemon juice while mixing with the rice and a bowl of onion lachcha salad is the only thing required. 

Dimer Dalna

Dim Kosha- Slow roasted egg curry Bengali way

While dimer dalna is a light gravy, there is dim kosha, which is made on special occassions or a Saturday night dinner. It is special, it is slow cooked and it tastes fabulous. The boiled egg fried to golden red and brown colour forms wrinkles on the outer surface of the egg, which makes it an attractive proposition. What we call in Bengali a “thokthoke kai” is what the gravy of this dish. One of the types, where you slather a roti or a luchi with the onion gravy and pop into the mouth. 

Dim Kosha - 5

Achari Anda – Boiled Eggs Cooked in Garlic and Vinegar with Panchphoron

Little spicy, little sour and with a pungent hit of mustard oil, this one is a killer of a recipe. It is not a traditional Bengali recipe, just something that we make quite often. And it is for sure, a crowd pleasure. So for your next dinner party, include this easy to make achari anda in your menu.

Delicious Achari Anda

Omeletter Jhol- Omelette Curry 

In times of crisis, when you are left with very little pantry ingredients, perhaps a couple of eggs and a large family to feed, an omelette curry is the best solution. We do this quite often for our very large family and with 4 eggs, we can feed 7 of us. And I don’t mean it miserly. We do have quite a handsome meal out of those 4 eggs. 

Omelette Curry - 1

Here is a bonus video on how to make Omeletter Jhol –

How about some fried food?

Dimer Devil- Scotch Eggs, Desi style

Dimer devil is a classic Kolkata street food. It is extremely popular in Kolkata as well as amongst Bengalis across the world. However, what we know as devilled eggs is far from what our dimer devil is. Having said that, my recipe of dimer devil is a bit different. Over here, the yolks are runny and the coating of the eggs are completely with mutton keema and a bit of potatoes. It’s a dreamy appetiser, loved by all. 

Dimer Devil or Scotch eggs Desi style by pikturenama

Never say No to Dessert

Ande Ka Halwa

Yes, you heard it right, it is a dessert. We had breakfast followed by main course. We touched upon an appetiser. So, why should we ignore dessert? And that too a dessert like ande ka halwa. You serve it to anyone without telling them what it is and they will never be able to guess. Brilliant in taste and actually very easy to make, this is also a quick dessert recipe. Eggs and milk are always there at home. If you have sudden guests, this is a life saver. You can just cook it while entertaining your guests. 

How to make Ande ka Halwa - 1


A video tutorial for making Egg Halwa – 

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