Which are the best 10 sweet shops in Kolkata ? Isnt it like searching needle in a haystack ? 

This is one of the toughest post / write up that I am trying to put my hands on . A first time attempt for sure . In my world, cricketers are more charismatic than baked mihidana, 90’s movie songs are more appealing than brazillian samba ( described later in the post) and Koshan mangsho is more lipsmacking than Abar khabo ( a traditional sandesh)  . However one has to bite the bullet once and this happens to be my turn .

We are in search of the top 10 sweet shops in Kolkata . Madhushree, who is a sweet lover, helped me in this search like in all other food related blogpost and the search has been a wonderful one to say the least .

10 best sweet shops in kolkata by pikturenama

Historical store of Bhim Chandra Nag started in 1836

10 best sweet shops in kolkata by pikturenama legendary watch in Bhim Nag

The legendary watch at Bhim Chandra Nag

We started from BhimChandra Nag and sons – Established in 1826 by late Paran Chandra Nag, this is a 6th generation shop . Stories are, when they started the shop there was jungle around that part of Kolkata . One of the traditional old Kolkata sweet shops – this shop will definitely give you a nostalgic feeling . Don’t forget to check out the old antique clock in the shop by Cooke and Kelvey . Any Sondesh is a must try from this place but not missing out on Dilkhush , Paradise , Abar Khabo and Monohora .

Bhim Chandra Nag's legendary Monohora Sandesh in 10 best sweet shops in kolkata by pikturenama

Legendary Monohora Sandesh by Bhim Chandra Nag

They have 2 branches in kolkata at

1. 5, Nirmal Chandra Street, Near Bow Bazar Market, Bow Bazar,

2. 8, Vivekananda Road, Kolkata – 700007, Near Jorashanko Junction

Legendary K C Das shop in 10 best sweet shops in kolkata by pikturenama

Legendary K C Das shop in Dhormotolla

Our next stop was K C Das – the name is synonymous with Rasogolla /Rasgulla / Rashogulla or whatever . No matter how much the name gets mispronounced, the taste remains the same. Late Nobin Chandra Das had set up a small sweet shop in 1866; his relentless trials of discovering new sweets made him discover Roshogolla in 1868 . This was a revolutionary discovery which changed the Mishti / sweet landscape of Bengal completely. Later he went on to discover Aaata (Custard Apple) Sondesh and Kathal ( Jackfruit ) Sondesh . With many branches across the state and franchises in different states – in case you need to have one bengali sweet ever, try out their Rosogolla .The swanky interior of their main branch is worth drooling.

Kolkata main branch – 11A & B, Esplanade East, Kolkata-700069

Sen Mahasay in 10 best sweet shops in kolkata by pikturenama

Sen Mahasay

We travelled towards – Sen Mahasay. A shop with its history going back to 1897 . Its one of the iconic and historical sweet shops in Kolkata which you cannot give a miss . Again, different innovations and variations are their USP s and we tried out a variety of Sondesh – Golapi Sandesh , Desh Gourab and Dorbesh . Unlike all other who are constantly striving to upgrade the interiors and bring in a dessert- cafe look; Sen Mahasay believes in no fuss interior and minimalist approach to the interiors and letting the product speak for themselves.

Dorbesh of Sen Mahasay in 10 best sweet shops in kolkata by pikturenama

Dorbesh of Sen Mahasay

They  have 5 outlets in Kolkata with the oldest being in Shyambazar .

Outlets of Sen Mahasay –

1. 1/1A, Subhas Bahadur Street, Fariapukur, Shyam Bazar, Kolkata

2. AE 332, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata

3.171 H, Rash Behari Avenue, Gariahat, Kolkata

4.40, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Bhawanipur, Kolkata

5. 104, Rashbehari Avenue, Near Lake Mall, Lake Market Area .

Nalin Chandra das in 10 best sweet shops in kolkata by pikturenama

Nalin Chandra Das – serving sweets over 175 years

If ever you passed around Kalighat Metro station towards Lake Market, there is a high chance that you will miss out this outlet of Nalin Chandra Das – but this is not to be missed out. I am personally interested in writing a separate blog for them . Its more than 175 years of establishment which started from North Kolkata Notun Bazar and soon branched out to different parts of the city . They are one of the pioneers of fusion sweets as I will love to call it , and their Cadburys sandesh is a must try . We tried out – kaancha aam ( Mango Sandesh) , Brazillian Samba ( Chocolate sandesh with chocolate butter cream and lots of nuts), butterscotch sandesh and many others .

Brazillian Samba Sandesh by Nolin Das in 10 best sweet shops in kolkata by pikturenama

Brazillian Samba Sandesh at Nolin Das

They have 4 outlets in Kolkata –

1. Nutan Bazar 313, Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata – 700 006

2. Rashbehari 84,Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata-700 026

3. Hedua 57, Ramdulal Sarkar Street ,Kolkata – 700 006

4. Dhakuria 28/35,Dhakuria Station Road,Kolkata-700 031

Our last but not the least for the day was Mouchak . Situated at the corner of Golpark in South Kolkata and a famous landmark, this place is more than two decades old . It has opened and closed for few times but the quality has never been compromised . There are lots of famous sweets from this shop – however don’t miss out on kalo jaam, Sada Talshansh and toast sweet . We tried out butter roll and it was indeed delicious .

Butter roll of mouchak in 10 best sweet shops in kolkata by pikturenama

Butter roll in MOuchak

We visited – Mouchak Golpark at 23 Gariahat Road, Golpark Kolkata

We ended our journey for the first day here. Being in Kolkata, this is definitely not enough as I felt sad for missing out so many and mainly my neighborhood shops . Growing up in West Bengal – you can either hate or love sweets and my experience has not been different ( Read here )  . There are plenty plenty more sweet shops in Kolkata which are worth mentioning.

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Coming  up: the next 5 places where again we touch upon tradition with modern fusion in sweets in Kolkata . Which one is your favourite sweet shop in Kolkata and why ? Let us know