Diwali is the greatest Indian festival and almost the entire nation gears up for it right after Dussehra. Starting with Diwali gift boxes, food packages, recipe planning and party ideas, there is so much more. Diwali parties are also big and everyone plans entire menus with plenty of Indian sweets. This is the time for mithai and here’s our pick for 10 must-try Diwali sweets.

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  1. Besan Ke Laddu  –  This one is a big favourite during Diwali right after motichur laddu, kaju katli and soan papdi.  It’s very easy to make and it is an excellent recipe for gift boxes since it has longevity. easy to make besan laddu - 5
  2. Chocolate Badam Burfi These chocolate fudge squares are very indulgent and too easy to make. It is one of the easiest and quickest recipes requiring only 3 ingredients and you can make your own almond flour at home for this. Chocolate Badam Burfi Pinterest
  3. Cake PopsWant to try something different for Diwali that is not something traditional? These cake pops are a fun way to keep your kids engaged and they are party hits with little children and adults alike. Cake pops for Diwali - 6
  4. PantuaThis is Bengal’s answer to gulab jamun. It is made of homemade chhena and even though it is time-consuming and difficult, it is worth all the effort. And once you bite into it, you will love it forever.
  5. Apple JalebiSlice apples and coat them with a fermented batter of flour, cornflour and yeast, deep fry them and dunk them in sugar syrup. These are quick and easy and splendid crowd-pleasers at a party. Apple Jalebi - 5
  6. Apple RabdiA less sinful version of rabdi, this one is made with milk, apples and very little sugar. So after all the sugary treats, apple rabdi is quite a pleasant surprise.
  7. White Chocolate BarksWhether you want to gift your friends some homemade sweets or you want to make something special for your family that can be had anytime, then these white chocolate barks dotted with dried rose petals and pistachio are a perfect Diwali indulgence. easy way to make white chocolate bark at home - 2
  8. Suji’r PayeshNot much effort is needed to make this humble dessert but this one is delicious and a crowd-pleaser. All you need is milk, semolina, sugar and nuts. Sujir Payesh
  9. Mawa Gujiya This is a real festive treat of small deep-fried parcels stuffed with mawa and nuts. And it’s literally addictive and outright delicious. Mawa Gujia for Pinterest
  10. Jibe Goja – Although this is more of a bijoya doshomi food, it is also a great Diwali treat. Therefore, try it out since it requires only flour and sugar.

Jibe Goja 3

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