Amongst all the animal proteins that we have, mutton is our favourite. Oh, of course, it’s not something we consume every day (you know, all the cholesterol stories, etc) but every celebration calls for mutton. So much so that Anindya says he will have kosha mangsho in his death bed. Albeit, we have a few mutton recipes on our blog. Hence we decided to put together 10 mutton recipes to try before you die.

There are so many mutton recipes in this world. Other than the ones we have here, we also like Kolhapuri mutton curry, Rajasthani lal maas, Ahuna mutton, Metho mutton and so many more recipes. Mughlai cuisine has too many mutton recipes that are to die for. The list is pretty endless then. Nevertheless, here are 10 mutton recipes that are absolute must-try. Do share with us your favourite mutton recipes.

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