We are a family of 4. Each one with a mind of his/her own. That’s bound to be, no? It gets interesting. Clothes to TV channels, each one has got specific non-compromising demands though most of the times it’s the parents and the elder ones who succumb to the younger ones.

One thing is never compromised though – the endeavor to stay fit and healthy. Amongst many things which have become a buzzword in recent times – immunity enhancement is perhaps the most often used and remembered word. But I believe one cannot work just on immunity. One has to work on the entire gamut of overall health.

That’s why today I will be sharing 4 things my wife and I have added to our routine for overall health:

  1. Physical fitness – I have been a sportsperson since my childhood. Though it has got interrupted time and again for studies and professional work, it hasn’t ever happened that I have been completely out of touch. While sports enhance the fitness level but to remain fit, we have to do more. With the help of my trainer, I got a plan ready for myself as well as for my wife which involves stretching, weights, cardio and others. This helps not only in building body strength and increasing immunity but also to maintain good mental health.[1]
  2. Balanced diet – The definition says it is a diet that contains different kinds of foods in certain quantities and proportions so that the requirement for calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc is being taken care of. We do our best to eat nourishing meals, rich in fruits and vegetables, protein, and whole grains. My wife and I have also become mindful of our vitamin intake, especially Vitamin C, which I will talk about more in my next point.
  3. Focus on vitamin intake and natural nutrients with Vitamin C – Vitamins play an important role in our lives. 13 essential vitamins play different roles in keeping the body working properly.[2] One of these vitamins is Vitamin C known for its role in building immunity. There are many ways to get the required supply of Vitamin C and we will touch upon the sources later.


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orange carrot ginger smoothie - 33

This orange, carrot and ginger juice is rich in Vitamin C

Here are a few major health benefits of Vitamin C[3]:

  • It is a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen the body’s natural defenses.  
  • It can help prevent iron deficiency by improving the body’s ability to absorb iron.

Some of the best sources of Vitamins C which we have included in our meals are as follows – yellow bell peppers, green leafy vegetables and fruits like guava, amla, berries and of course oranges.

However, since I’m not too fond of fruits, I know, I know, it’s not something I’m proud to confess, we reached out to our family doctor on the best way to maintain Vitamin C in our bodies. He prescribed Limcee Vitamin C chewable 500mg tablet. My wife and I both take this in addition to following other tips and advice given by our family doctor.

  1. Maintaining a good sleep pattern – When we are sleep-deprived, we feel lazy all the time not wanting to work at all. It affects our power of concentration also.[4] 15 minutes of power nap also helps to regain strength and you feel energetic to work ahead[5]. So, we make sure that we sleep enough according to our routine to feel fresh as we start a new day.

We went a step further and educated our children as well about our routines. Now, it is them who sometimes check us when Madhushree or I slack. Don’t tell them but I love it when they scold us – it makes me proud that I have taught them well. What are some things you and your partner do to ensure good health?

How to make frozen melon ball salad - 6

This meloon ball salad is one more which one can try


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