If there is one heaven on Earth it is Kashmir for sure. Kashmir has for long been the ultimate destination for Honeymooners. The snow-clad mountains overlooking pristine blue lakes paint a mesmerizing picture. Additionally, the atmosphere envelops a chill and freezing appeal which is mostly loved by couples. Kashmir boasts of some of spectacular views, including snowfall which can be witnessed during a few months, Kashmir is truly the crown of India.

The area is also inspired by the art form of the Mughal period which is reflected in its designed gardens and lakes. Taking you back to the yesteryears, the place is truly a marvel in itself. Stroll around in the gardens, enjoy snow with your loved ones, spend a night in houseboat or just get soaked in the beauty of mother earth, the beauty of Kashmir is sure to leave an indelible mark in your memories. There are plenty of options to visit and unleash the quaint beauty of this paradise, and in case you are wondering where to start from, here we enlist five special spots which are ideal for couples:

Gulmarg gondola ride picturesque


One of the most beautiful hill station that attracts tourists from far and wide is the Gulmarg. Very safe, the Gulmarg, represents the paradise nature of Kashmir in its purest form. In summers, you can see the greenery of the meadows while in winter, you can enjoy the soft blankets of snow. Gulmarg is famous for its skiing activities and hence most couples prefer their place to unleash their adventurous side. There are trainers who can guide you throughout your skiing journey making it a comfortable and safe experience for you.

In addition to skiing there are other snow sports activities that you can indulge in along with your partner. One of the major tourist attraction of Gulmaarg is the cable ride. Gulmarg’s cable ride is one of a kind that levies a bird’s view of the entire area. Available in two phases, you can opt to take the entire ride from Gulmarg to Apharwat Peak spanning for a duration of one and a half hours. The entire ride is amazing as you partner with other people for the journey. Any ideal Kashmir Honeymoon packages is bound to include this wonderful destination spot.

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Shikara Ride in Dal Lake 39

The evergreen picture of Dal Lake

Dal Lake 

Strategically located at the heart of the majestic Srinagar, Dal Lake is a great spot for couples. The scenic environment is ever inviting and sets a romantic setting. While here, it is suggested to go for the Shikara ride that sails you through the waters as you feast your eyes on the splendorous surroundings. As a couple you can also enjoy the Kahewa or Kahwa- traditional tea of Kashmir on the boat ride. Photographers are also available to help you capture these cherishing moments in frame. You can unleash your Bollywood fervour by visiting the spot where the song-Bumbro-Bumbro of the movie Mission Kashmir was shot. Another interesting thing which can be explored here is the floating market. Go on a spree with your loved ones and pamper here with her with souvenirs and handicrafts.

kashmir Nigeen lake

image source – unsplash.com

Nigeen Lake 

For those couples who seek to spend some quality time, lying in the lap of mother nature, Nigeen Lake is the perfect choice. Surrounded by plush greenery of poplar and willow trees, the lake creates a perfect ambience akin with its name which means the ring of the jewel. The lake is small but offers a plethora of activities for couples to indulge in. One can go on boats or shikhara and enjoy the scenic views.

Besides, the spot is also very famous for sunrise and sunset which can be enjoyed and memories can be created for lifetime.  A number of spa and sauna joints dot the coastline of Dal Lake, where couples can pamper themselves. Couple spas are also quite famous here, giving a chance to partners to relax and rejuvenate themselves. A great place for nature lovers, couples can enjoy the breath-taking views and spend a great evening in the lap of nature while enjoying some sumptuous foods and drinks. 

Kashmir - Nishant Garden

image source – unsplash.com

Nishant garden

Inspired by the Mughal Art, Nishant Garden is a beautiful place that sits at the side of Dal Lake. A garden which in every way is refreshing and rejuvenating invites couples to stroll and have a pleasant trip. Home to roses, lilies and geraniums, the garden has been designed in a unique way. It includes twelve terrace-like structures, each representing the zodiac signs. It’s a great garden which is famous for its sunset views.

Couples can sit back and enjoy the sun setting in the splendorous backdrop of snow-clad mountains with its rays falling on the pristine waters of Dal-lake. You might love to take some photographs here too.  Apart from getting bleached in the mesmerizing beauty, you can also enjoy the shikara ride in the Nehru Park. It is a unique experience and will surely be a memorable one if you are taking it with your spouse.

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Kashmir - SonaMarg


Sonamarg is a great place that offers you the perfect blend of quaint time as well as explorative time. One of the best things you can do here with your spouse is to go for treks. There are plenty of mountains that offer you good trekking experience like the Machoi peak, Kolahoi peak, Sirbal peak and the famous Amarnath peak that you can review. The trails are quite adventurous and offer panoramic views of the entire city.

Besides, you can also spend some time with nature as Sonamarg is home to many lakes such as the Satsar, Gangabal and Krishnasagar lake. Sitting on their coastlines and washing the gushing water is an experience of its own. Thajiwas Glacier is another amazing site that invites adventurers for camping and hiking. White Water rafting is another popular activity which draws many tourists. Perching at a height of 2800 meters, Sonamarg is an exciting hill-station that is truly a great choice for couples.

There can be many reason on why Kashmir should be a preferred destination spot and here are some which can give you enough reason why you shouldn’t miss it. 

P.S. – These are tough times and changed times indeed. Especially for a traveller. While most of the international borders are sealed, one can travel within India. When travelling within India, please follow all the guidelines laid down by the central and state governments. In case you haven’t got the vaccine yet, please get the vaccine at the earliest before your travel.

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