Winters have disappeared from Kolkata! It’s now going to be a long stretch of summer with various degrees of humidity along with sweating, which makes the summer unbearable. Summer continues till the end of October, and although the monsoons come in between, the suffering remains the same. A Kolkata summer is different, because the mercury does not soar that high to leave your skin burnt. You may not need skin protection to move around, like in a few other cities of the country, but it does make you sweat.  As a modern day man, where the professional and personal activities call for being super active throughout the day, I get drenched in sweat quite often.

7UP Revive Tennis court

Thats my tennis marker who shared my 7UP revive

My first challenge begins in the morning when I’m playing tennis. As the son gets packed off to the school, the earliest that I can reach the court is 9 AM. During this time of the year, the sun is almost on the top of your head. There can be water floods and then there can be sun ray floods – this is the latter. I carry 1 litre of water every day and with the amount of sweating that happens, the water finishes off halfway through my practice. Sweating does not only make me lose water from body, but I also lose essential fluids and electrolytes. I have also tried various other options so that each sip during the game helps me feel recharged, but none have been successful. As a person who always loves to experiment, I tried 7UP Revive and can say that the result was a welcome change.

7UP revive after swimming

After a round of swimming

My sporting activity does not end here. On weekends, the son has to be taken to the swimming pool post tennis. Swimming is one of the best all-round exercises and post swimming is one of the most tiring phases for a swimmer. The pool is outdoors. So swimming after tennis is like jumping from a frying pan into fire. The sweating starts again the minute you are out of the pool. Exhaustion from swimming, tired legs and arms; all reach almost to a breakdown point. Add on to that, the sweat flood as you move around the pool and dry yourself after your shower. This further tires the body and an immediate replenishment of lost minerals was felt through 7UP Revive. It soothes the body immediately and for a person like me, whose day doesn’t end here, this definitely helps.

7UP revive vegetable market

Vegetable shopping can be tiring at times.

Going shopping for vegetables and a trip to the fish market is a mandatory weekly requirement for most of the Bengali bhadralok. I have seen my father going every Sunday and I used to accompany him when I was a child. While holding hands, it was our father-son moments that I would cherish forever. We always used to walk to and from the 2 km distance and most of the time, my little baby pair of legs used to get tired by the end of the shopping trip.  Sweltering heat would see both of us drenched in sweat and after the shopping, we would stop to have Lassi to rejuvenate after the energy lost through sweat loss. Alas! 7UP Revive was not available then. It’s now my turn to go to the local vegetable and fish market and I carry my 7UP Revive in order to get refreshed after a round of shopping.

7UP Revive in front of Howrah Bridge

After a photowalk this what rekindles the energy

As a hobbyist photographer, there are days when I travel across Kolkata to various places and that involves long hours of walking on the streets.  Let’s say the Mullickghat flower market where I go often for early morning photoshoots. Mullickghat flower market is one of the largest flower markets in India and perhaps in the world. Although the market remains open round the clock, morning is the peak time of activity for the sellers, for the buyers, for the tourists and for the small-time vendors. As I move around the narrow walking lanes, brushing against so many people, trying their bit to earn their livelihood by toiling hard, I realise that life is not easy. By the time I complete travelling the entire market, I feel thirsty. All my energy is lost due to sweating.  With sweat, essential electrolytes are also lost. The most common drink here is tea but the next time, I am going to carry a bottle of 7UP Revive with me in my backpack, when I go for photography.

7UP Revive Victoria

In front of iconic Victoria Memoriwal

Once I was photographing in front one of the iconic landmark of Kolkata – Victoria Memorial. To get a proper angle and get that perfect mood shot, I remember walking around the perimeter of the building for at least 3 times but somehow, I did not get the right frame. It was only when the sun’s rays softened a bit and the golden hour of photography set in, that I got the perfect shot. It didn’t occur to me that this exercise took me almost 2 hours. When I stepped out of the area, it was as if I had taken a shower. Usually I look around for options that would refresh and boost my energy for a longer period of time. Nothing really helps. This time however, I tried 7UP Revive and I felt like I could go for another photo hunt.

I know that there are so many places in my daily life where 7UP Revive can help me go through my day and live the moment even in this scorching heat! This is going to be an essential part for surviving in Kolkata for me!

Disclaimer – This post was in association with 7UP revive.

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