Experimenting is always fun. Experimenting in any walk of life is so exciting and when it comes to food, it is no different. After a long week, when things seemed to be in a slightly stable (compared to the tremulous previous weeks) state, Anindya and I were lazing around after our dinner. I, for a change was trying to make one of the numerous youtube playlists that I keep on making and Anindya was busy with his day end tryst with Social Media. Tugga was looking super cute in his night suite and he wanted to have his party with ‘Baba’ ‘mamma’, although his eye lids were heavy with loads of sweet dreams for another night.

It happened then.

At Eastern part of the country, the norwesters or Kalbaishakhi which happens in the evenings of the sultry days are a welcome relief and everyone looks forward to the same. The sudden thunderstorm started in no time and we thought of relaxing for a little while more. What better way to celebrate the rains rather than sipping into your favourite drink? But I knew he wanted something different. I asked him if he would like to have a drink. Ten years of togetherness helps to understand when he says yes without saying yes but a slight hmmm.  But with a mischief (as mischievous as he has always been since we have known each other), he said he wanted to have ice cream too and that he would burn it all out in tomorrow’s tennis session.

Britannia Good day chunkies 1

The ingredients

We got this packet of Britannia Good Day Chunkies a few days back as a surprise for our son. A big fan of cookies, we  knew that he would love these crumbly cookies with their overload of melt in mouth chocolate chips. On asking him how the cookie was, he said-Its not a cookie,it’s a CHUNKIE! Well I think he has a new favourite now!

I have been a diehard fan of Masterchef Australia since it started telecasting, to an extent that every season for those 3 months, we know there are certain times when no one can change the channel for favorite sports program, we know some new dishes getting cooked every now and then in dinner and we know some terms like deconstruction, quenelle, sous vide becoming a house hold term.

Unlike my husband, I have been a fan of continental food, partly due to my college days spread over Goa and Cardiff but the way I looked at continental and global food changed with Master chef Australia. There is an amazing contest which is being organized by Britannia Good Day Chunkies called #chefswithchunkies and I am just keeping my fingers crossed about winning. All I need to do was to make a Chunkies recipe and I could get a chance of meeting the three stalwarts of Master Chef Australia in person! It would be so cool to meet them and understand their approach of food in person!


Here is my Chunkies recipe for the #chefswithchunkies contest. In case you are interested in meeting and having a chat with the three world famous judges of Masterchef Australia why don’t  you participate in their contest. You can find all the details here


Britannia Good day chunkies

Chunkies Milk Shake with Kahlua

Time Taken: 5- 10 minutes


Brittania Chunkies 6- 8 nos Milk 1 ½ cups
Kahlua ½ cup Vanilla Ice Cream 1 large and generous scoop
Ice Cubes 6-8 nos Chocolate sauce For garnish



Take a blender. Pour in everything except a couple of chunkies. Blend everything and pour in tall glasses lined with chocolate sauce. Crush the balance chunkies with your hand and top the milk shakes.

Britannia Good day chunkies