Cake pops for Diwali? That’s what I told Tugga, my 8 year old son, when he insisted on cake pops for Diwali mithai ideas. His friend Anwita had said that cake pops can be a Diwali mithai too and Tugga was eager to make it. Nowadays, he is heavily influenced by youtubers, like many kids of this generation. And he wants to be a gamer, as of now. Although, scientist and author also feature in this scheme of things. He is currently working on a script for his own youtube channel. Till such time, he is keen on doing a couple of videos for us in ‘cook with pikturenama’. And cake pops for Diwali was the first one from him.

During Durga Pujo celebration, we had many online sessions conducted by children in our community. In one of the sessions, Anwita, another 8 year old, conducted fireless cooking and she made cake pops without the chocolate coating. Every year for Christmas, I make cake pops or rum balls but Tugga has a short memory, when it comes to the good stuff that I cook. As per him, I do only for the blog or the youtube or for orders. Though, I don’t blame him much. Anyway, we decided to do proper cake pops for Diwali with chocolate coating and ganache as a glue.

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How to avoid cake pops disaster?

Are you one of those who have had disasters with cake pops? Chocolate has seized, the cake pop has fallen apart, the cake pops have disintegrated in the chocolate, the sticks have come out of the cake pops and so on. There are multiple issues for all first timers. Here’s how to avoid such disasters.

  • Use chocolate ganache as a glue instead of butter cream. Lot of people add butter cream to their cake pops but butter cream is not sticky enough to act as a glue. A ganache works better.
  • When you are inserting sticks into the cake pops, dip one end into the ganache and then stick it in. Again, that acts as a glue.
  • Keep the cake pops in the refrigerator for at least an hour before coating them with chocolate.
  • For the coating of the cake pops, melt the chocolate in a microwave in short bursts. That is, if you are not comfortable with a double boiler method. Never, melt chocolate, directly over heat. Never add any other liquid to the chocolate for the coating.
  • While melting chocolate, make sure the bowl does not have even a drop of water.
  • For me, any good quality chocolate works well for a coating. I am not fond of compound chocolate. So I use a coverture or a regular amul chocolate.
  • Microwave melting of chocolate- follow 20 seconds, 10 seconds and 10 seconds with stirring in between each burst. If required, another 10 second.
  • Melt the chocolate in a plastic microwave safe container than glass. Glass cools down faster.
  • Transfer the molten chocolate to a tall glass. That helps in dipping the cake pops.
  • Don’t refrigerate cake pops after dipping them in chocolate. Leave them in room temperature to cool down and harden.

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Storing Cake Pops for Diwali

You can wrap plastic around them and gift them to your friends. You can store them in an air tight container and keep them outside for a couple of days. In a hot a humid country like ours, I keep them in the refrigerator, after they have completely cooled down and the chocolate coating has hardened.

Here is an wasy way to make the cake pops – 

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Cake Pops for Diwali

This Diwali, try something new, something different. What about a cake pop instead of a laddu? Kids will love these. And these cake pops are decorated with sparkly sprinkles and are pretty to look at. With proper instructions, you will never go wrong in making cake pops for diwali.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Resting time 1 hour
Course Cakes and Bakes, Desserts
Cuisine Global
Servings 22 cake pops approx


  • 300 gms plain cake
  • 200 gms white chocolate
  • 100 gms fresh cream
  • 1/3 cup sprinkles

For Coating

  • 150 gms dark chocolate
  • 150 gms white chocolate

Other necessary things

  • 2 dozens skewers or lollypop sticks
  • 1 board of thermocol or styrofoam to hold the cake pops


  • Crumble the cake in a mixing bowl. Cut white chocolate into small pieces.
  • Melt the white chocolate in a dry plastic container in the microwave in shorst bursts of 20 seconds, 10 seconds and 10 seconds. Stir after each time and if needed, use another 10 seconds. Stir and melt the chocolate.
  • Heat the cream, 20 seconds in the microwave should do. Add the warm cream to the chocolate. Whisk vigorously to make a smooth sticky ganache.
  • Add half of the ganache to the cake crumble and mix. Bring the cake crumbles to a dough form. Add as much ganace as required, leaving a little bit for the sticks.
  • Make small round shapes (little less than lemon balls). You need to remember that the balls will be dipped in chocolate. So it will get thicker.
  • Dip one end of the sticks into ganache and stick inside the cake pop, like a lollypop.
  • Place all the cake pops in the refrigerator to harden. Takes about an hour to 2 hours.
  • Roughly chop dark chocolate and white chocolate and melt them in the microwave separately, following the method above.
  • Transfer both the chocolates into separate glasses. The mouth should be wide enough for the cake pops to go in .
  • Bring the cake pops out of the refrigerator. One by one, dip each pop vertically into the glass and take it out. Tap on the glass rim and shake off any excess chocolate.
  • Add sprinkles on the wet chocolate and then stick them up on the styrofoam board to dry.
  • The cake pops take between 10 minutes to 30 minutes to dry up, depending on the climate of your place.
  • Don't place it in the refrigerator. It is not needed. Afterwards, you can keep them in airtight containers in the refrigerator, if you wish to.


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