Chili’s, the international Tex- Mex chain, introduced South Kolkata to their brand new addition at South City Mall.

A 208 cover casual dining outlet, at the first glance, it is bright and sprawling with lively music going on. It has the usual ‘Chili’s’ brand written all over, with its swanky and bold posters, hues of red and enthusiastic service staff running around with smiles on their faces.

Chili's at South City Mall Kolkata the famous signboards

The famous signature posters

Chili's at South City Mall Kolkata Interiors


Chili's at South City Mall Kolkata interiors 2

Interiors 2

We were more than happy to be there and were delighted to see the good old menu. For appetizers, we ordered their super-hit ‘Triple Dipper’. A delicious combo of three kinds of chicken preparation, Chicken Crispers, Tangy Chicken wings and the Classic South western egg rolls along with 3 kinds of dips made the start of our evening delightful. A must try for everyone in love with succulent and juicy chicken bites with a combination of different flavours from the 3 dips.

Chili’s had always been famous for its Margaritas, unfortunately for us, the ‘alcohol licence’ is expected by mid of September, but our spirit was lifted by this pineapple and passion fruit mocktail called Evolution. It was fresh, fruity and had the perfect sweet and sour tones.

Triple driper at Chilis kolkata South City Mall

Triple dipper

Mocktail at Chili's at South City Mall Kolkata

Evolution – Pineapplae and passion fruit mocktail

The signature ‘Terlingua Buffalo Chili’ from the soup section is again a must try for anyone who loves bold flavours and does not mind the ground beef. With imported ingredients and cooked slowly to perfection, this spicy yet distinctly flavourful Chili is topped with three kinds of cheeses making it a rich and luscious bowl of goodness.

Terlingua Buffalo Chili’ at Chilis in South City Kolkata

Terlingua Buffalo Chili’

For our mains, we decided to go with Smoky Chipotle Chicken Fajitas, which is a new addition to the menu. This came with the sound of the ‘sizzle’. The chicken was tender and had a beautiful smoky flavour. The crispy fried onion rings along with the fried bell peppers, fried onions balanced perfectly with the acidity and sweetness from the tomato salsa, sour cream and the creaminess of the 2 cheeses. The fun lies in making your own fajitas in the soft tortilla rolls. This is quite a generous serving and can be easily shared by at least 3 persons. By the end of this meal, we were not in a position to try our anything else; however we were told that the Buffalo Burgers are highly recommended.

Smoky Chipotle Chicken Fajitas at Chili's South City Kolkata

Smoky Chipotle Chicken Fajitas at Chili’s South city Kolkata

Chili’s has a very varied menu and appeals to the taste of almost all kinds of personalities, both in vegetarian and non vegetarian. One could try their very large section of burgers, to thick and thin crust pizzas, the famous quesadillas, tacos and salads to their steaks made with imported meats.

Molten Chocolate cake at Chili’s south city mall kolkata

Molten chocolate cake at Chili’s South City mall Kolkata

For dessert, we tried their world famous Molten chocolate cake, which is their signature and is present in every single Chili’s of the world. The minute you cut into it, it’s almost like lava of chocolate erupting and melting down the snow in the form of vanilla ice cream along with the rich dark chocolate.

Chili’s at South City Mall, Kolkata is present on the 2nd floor and is open from 1200 to 2300 hours. Highly recommended, this one definitely will change the foodscape of South Kolkata.

 This review was originally published as a review in Burrp by us