A Staycation at Courtyard by Marriott Siliguri

It was supposed to be a relaxed weekend along with two kids and we couldn’t have asked for a better one. We were invited by Courtyard by Marriott Siliguri, for a staycation over the weekend. Added bonus was a day trip to Darjeeling and just hanging around in and around Siliguri. The remaining time was for enjoying the comforts of the beautiful property.

The warmth and the feeling of home at the hotel

Brishti was at her mischievous best since the time we stepped inside Kolkata Airport. She slept a little in the flight and by the time we reached the Hotel, we were almost exhausted. A smooth pick up from airport by Koustav from the Hotel, ensured everything was in place. It takes around 30 – 45 mins from Airport to reach the hotel. On the way, we crossed Balasun river, which eventually flows to join Mahananda.

A traditional welcome with a refreshing drink, a tika on forehead can make you feel much at home. Will come to the rooms later.

As they reach Courtyard by Marriott Siliguri

The check in process

She identified what a perfect weekend will mean to her when she grows up.Splash, Slurp and Snack

a pause before the next mission

The welcome at the room

Tugga fills up the hobby form for the kids

The first glimpse of Siliguri. These large glass windows are best

Address of Courtyard by Marriott Siliguri –

It’s building with 14 floors in Siliguri and doesn’t need any address as such. I am being told that the location became famous for the tallest structure in Siliguri, even before the hotel was operational. The famous Darjeeling Chowk, which is the crossing to go towards Darjeeling, is just two minutes away. The address is Mallaguri, Hill Cart Road, Siliguri, West Bengal – 734003

Siliguri Kitchen – The All-day dining of Courtyard by Marriott Siliguri. Breakfast makes the day, Executive Chef Prashant Suryawanshi and his magic

It was power packed 3 days in Siliguri and Darjeeling. The first day lunch was like an indication of the time to come. If you are ever in Silguri Kitchen,  the all-day dining in Courtyard by Marriott Siliguri, look out for a tall, soft spoken gentleman in chef’s coat. Most of the time, he is seen behind the cooking station, trying to create some magic. We had a wonderful Prashant’s mom’s chicken on day 1 in lunch, which stole our hearts. It was a typical Maharashtrian chicken curry from the interiors of Maharashtra. It was defined by whole spices, which were roasted and pound. The gravy had a serious punch without being overbearing and the taste lingered on for a long time.

We didn’t miss out on the breakfast and a skeptical person like me, a finicky eater like Tugga, a 20 month old and the mother hen were all happy. That’s a tough team to please. We tried out everything. Almost everything. English breakfast to eggs to order, some luchi alurdom (ignoring the raised eyebrows on the table) to Dosa and appams with stew. Chef Prashant made a special chocolate waffle for Tugga, which he still remembers. The array of food, with smiling chefs at the live station which is in the centre of the restaurant makes it an exciting watch. To top that, warm sunlight seeps in through the large glass panes, which connect the outside rooftop seating. It’s magic.

Finally, please don’t judge me if I mention that I had ordered Fried Rice and chili chicken too from IRD (which has an impeccable service) and both ticked all the right boxes.

glimpses from Siliguri Kitchen

loved making these photographs

Focus and work

Some knife skills

The Swimming pool and the Gym, which I never visited yet spent most of the time around them

These are the two star attractions of this property. I have done snow facing yoga earlier in Uttarakhand but this was a first for me too. A swimming pool adjacent to Siliguri Kitchen, from where on a day with clear sky, you can see Kanchenjunga and a gym opposite to it. I didn’t go to gym on purpose and didn’t find the time to take a dip. Yet most of the time, we spent time on the lawn between the two. When in winters, the grill by the pool starts for Courtyard by Marriott Siliguri, that will be the best thing in this small city.

And then the beautiful exploration of the swimming pool happened 

courtyard by Marriott Siliguri gym -2

courtyard by Marriott Siliguri gymnasium

The rooms and the music dock – from Jagjit Singh to Ed Sheeran. “Believer” ruled it though

These days, we have two songs playing at home alternately. Baby Shark do do and Believer. No prizes for guessing who listens to which one. The first thing that we noticed once we entered the junior suite was the Siliguri Skyline through the large glass windows. It was a cloudy day and hence, we couldn’t see the mountain range in the distance. However, we did catch a glimpse on the last day. The bluetooth speaker by the bedside table was a blessing. To me, a music system where you can attach your playlist is pure happiness. The rooms are spacious with a proper working space, enough charging points and the couch by the window. Courtyard by Marriott Siliguri has 130 rooms and from one side of the building, you can see Kanchenjungha and the glorious Himalayan range from all the rooms.

A business hotel, a feel of home and a base for travelling to North East – Courtyard by Marriott Siliguri  

Often it’s perceived that a business hotel may not be a best place to stay with family but this is the one which breaks the myth. We had great support from the entire F& B service team, a prompt laundry, child friendly food on request, which made our entire stay a memorable one. Thanks

In case you are planning for your next North Bengal trip you can book in through here – (link)

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