Sometimes when we take a little longer route to office to avoid certain long waiting signals, we pass this quaint little cake shop by the corner of a junction. However the morning rush of office held us back from stopping by until one fine day Madhushree finally gave up.

Cup_cakes_at_Creme caramel Kolkata reviewed by pikturenama

Cup Cakes

Theme cake at Creme caramel Kolkata reviewed by pikturenama

Theme cake

The store was called “Creme Caramel”. The inside of the store was vibrant, full of colours from various themed cakes. I especially liked the way “Creme Caramel” was written and the cake boxes lying around. That itself gave me an understanding that it was not just any usual cake shop but a boutique, showcasing some cakes, pastries, freshly baked variety of breads, some savouries and a large variety of themed cakes for any occasion. Over time we become frequenter to the place and eventually had tasted all the varieties that they provide. Quite often they would surprise us with some new cake on the menu.

Chocolate Nuttie Balls at Creme caramel Kolkata reviewed by pikturenama

Chocolate Nuttie balls

We were often greeted by this cheerful young lady- Farha, who is the owner and chef of Creme Caramel. After some chatting up, we told us that she always had a passion for baking. She started giving baking lessons until some of her loyal friends and fans coaxed her into opening a store of her own. Thus began Farha’s professional journey as an entrepreneur and chef, sometime in 2014.

Choco tulip at Creme caramel Kolkata reviewed by pikturenama

Choco tulip at Creme Caramel

Chocolate Panacotta at Creme caramel Kolkata reviewed by pikturenama

Caramel Pannacotta at Creme Caramel

She is true to her heart. Produces cake and pastries with the best quality of ingredients, some of which are imported. Not too overly priced, her products have a very good taste and light on the palette. The red velvet cake is like none other I have eaten around here. Even though I would have preferred the darker colour, the red velvet cake is surprisingly light and fluffy with the right amount of tang from the cream cheese frosting. The caramel pannacotta is also another dessert not to be missed. Some of the specialities of Creme Caramel are the brownies with caramel frosting, the chocolate cones and Nutty Balls.

Chocolate Cone at Creme caramel Kolkata reviewed by pikturenama

Chocolate Cone

A point worth mentioning is that when you visit the store and order any pastry, they have a live kitchen and within 5 – 10 minutes, they produce a fresh cake or pastry or sandwich out of their kitchen. Hence, each time you are assured of the freshness of the product.

Creme caramel is located at 1A Circus Row , Kolkata . The contact number is 91 84428 27483 . If you are travelling around that area – why dont you stop by for some time ?

Creme caramel Kolkata reviewed by pikturenama

Cupcakes with Marzipan Frosting with fondant decoration

Cup cake with cream chese frosting at Creme caramel Kolkata reviewed by pikturenama

Cup cake with cream cheese frosting