Dairy-free Dessert Ideas for Eid

Eid festivals are observed in many countries around the world. People from diverse cultures come together to celebrate the special occasion, which creates the perfect ambience of unity and harmony. The day of Eid is spent sharing greetings, warmth, and food. Desserts are an important part of food preparation for an Eid meal with family and friends. While traditional Eid desserts include milk as the main ingredient, there are other ideas for preparing milk-free desserts for special occasions.

Whether you suffer from allergies yourself or know someone with an allergy, dairy-free dessert is important to include everyone in Eid celebrations. Read on to find out easy milk-free sweet dish ideas for the festive occasion.

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Cakes and Baking

It is easy to bake a cake without milk or butter. A simple cake will only need eggs, plain flour, baking powder, sugar, oil, and water. You can also use dairy-free milk instead of water, which will give the cake a creamy taste. For the topping, you can use fruits and milk-free icing or cream.

For baking, use tins of different shapes and sizes to give your cakes a more interesting look. A doughnut tin is ideal for making baking fun for the whole family. Remember to give the tin a generous coating of oil before pouring it into your mixture. When the cake is baked, carefully shift it to a flat surface and decorate it with liquid chocolate sauce after it has cooled down. You can also use cupcake tins to make a batch of muffins or fairy cakes, which will be more popular with children.

Apart from cakes, you can also bake other interesting items, such as brownies, cookies, scones, and doughnuts. You can find fun baking ideas online to explore with kids and family. Moreover, while baking cakes for Eid, you can prepare plain cake in a simple square tin to add to your trifle dish later.

Fruity Trifle

Use some of your home-made cake to make a delicious trifle dish for your guests. As mentioned above, it is super easy to bake cakes without adding milk. Other ingredients required for trifle are jelly and fruits, which are always milk-free, but custard preparation will need the use of dairy-free milk. Currently, vegan milk or dairy-free milk is easily available everywhere and comes with many options. There is an option to use coconut milk, rice milk, oat milk or soya milk, depending on your needs and preferences.

Plant-based milk comes in different flavours and contains certain benefits. It is a healthy alternative to cow’s milk, which can be used to cook traditional puddings, including custard. Use the same quantity as normal milk and follow the recipe as normal. When the custard is cool, you can start layering the ingredients in a glass dish or bowl. Pour custard and carefully add thickly cut cake slices, strawberries or raspberries and jelly. You can top it with more fruit or dairy-free cream if you like. Your trifle is ready to delight the taste buds of your guests!

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Meethi Seviyyan, or sweet vermicelli, is another popular Eid dish which can be made without milk. It can be prepared with water and garnished with caramelised sugar and oil. You can also use roasted nuts, raisins, or glazed cherries to enhance your dish. It is a simple dessert, which is traditionally made in many households on the occasion of Eid.

Fruit Chaat

Fruit with or without dairy-free cream is a great dessert option. Use a glass bowl and simply put chunks of your favourite fruit in it and sprinkle with sugar. While making a dairy-free dish, it is better to use pineapple chunks from syrup tins and glazed cherries to enhance the taste. You can also add interesting pasta shapes to your pudding after boiling. Add mayonnaise to your fruit chaat and give it a mix. This simple and easy chaat would go down a treat.

At the time of celebrations, many Muslims like to make a Sadaqah or Zakat donation to help those in need. Eid is an important time for spreading kindness; make a mouth-watering dessert to give a warm welcome to your guests on the day of Eid.

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