Tero Parbon Bengali Restaurant Gariahat Kolkata

The interiors of Tero Parbon

It was weeknight and we wanted to go out for dinner with my family and extended family for bijoya celebration. Since the theme was “Bijoya”, we specifically wanted a bengali restaurant. Long time back in 2007, we had been to Tero Parbon ( situated at 49 C Purnadas Road , Golpark Kolkata) for some 2 or 3 times and each time it was a fabulous experience. So we thought of giving it a try one more time and try to revisit the old memories. It had been almost 7 years since we had been to the place.So in spite of a large team the camera was packed so that some pictures can be captured .

Tero Parbon Bengali Restaurant Gariahat Kolkata 1

Interiors of Tero Parbon

We arrived at around 8:15 pm and after invitations and dropouts, we were a group of 9. We were surprised to see only another table with a couple seated other than us , considering it was Bengali restaurant and bijoya celebrations were in full swing around.The ambiance was almost the same as we had seen 7 years back . No significant change and like most regional restaurants there were artifacts and  pictures of Kolkata and West Bengal all around .

We sensed the place lacked energy the moment we entered the place  . We thought may be some more people would come in later however that was never to happen. There were 3 – 4 waiters lurking around, no one taking any interest in us and finally we had to practically invite them to take our order.Anyway, finally one waiter/ captain came to us. We ordered for a few Daber shorbot and Aam Panna and we asked the waiter to give that order and at the same time we also started ordering for the food.
Since we were a large group, it was taking some time for us to order correctly and sadly the waiter also was of no help in choosing the food. With our experience in running a 120 cover theme restaurant in Mumbai we know for sure how a captain can act as a  food guide, suggesting the menu , pushing the delicacies and costly items subtly. But no where this was to be experienced here .
When we saw the price points that only 2 nos of posto bora ( poppy seed fritters ) would cost Rs. 100/-, we decided to go straight for the main course.We ordered Gondhoraj Bhekti ( Betki fish cooked in aromatic lime sauce), Kosha Mangsho (Spicy Bengali Mutton curry), Chhanar Dalna ( bengali style cottage cheese in gravy), Mug Dal ( yellow lentils), Zhuri Alu Bhaja ( crispy special potato fry), Zinge Posto (Ridgegourd and Potato in Poppy seed Paste) and one promfret bhaja ( pomfret fry) for my toddler son.

Tero Parbon Bengali Restaurant Gariahat Kolkata 2

Pomfret Bhaja or Pomfret fry at Tero Parbon Kolkata

The initial shock was the delivery time for the drinks that we ordered, just daber shorbot and aam panna to ok half hour to reach us after several reminders.
The aam panna was definitely “druk”, tasted a bit stale. Daaber shorbot was totally bland and most probably the powdered variety.
The Mach bhaja ( pomfret fry) came soon. The fish was deep fried but tasted good. As the toddler started with his food we kept staring at him waiting for our food. What got us all very very irritated was that the food came after 40 minutes of ordering. Instead of bringing one dish after other, they brought everything together after making us wait for 40 minutes .
The biggest let down was the gondhoraj bhekti, where it was actually lemon fish with a slice of gondhoraj. It was way too sour and lemony with no flavour of gondhoraj lime.

Tero Parbon Bengali Restaurant Gariahat Kolkata 3

Jhuri Aloo Bhaja

Tero Parbon Bengali Restaurant Gariahat Kolkata 4

Jhinge Posto

The rest of the food was good. Special mention to Kosha Manghsho. It was fabulous. We were totally taken aback. It was too good to be true.
For dessert, they had mihi dana with ice cream mentioned on their specials menu. However when we ordered, it was not available. So we went it for the good old nolen gurer ice cream.

Tero Parbon Bengali Restaurant Gariahat Kolkata  5

The special offering

All in all, our dinner was a disaster. During the course of our dinner, only 2 other tables were filled. The waiters were loitering around with absolutely no interest in their guests. The manager was not seen anywhere around.
I felt very sad. A place which we remebered very fondly from our past, a place that used to be bursting with energy, filled with a very good crowd and some spectacular lunches that we have had before; this was a total let down.
It was not value for money. The experience was bad. And we would definitely not suggest this place to anyone else.

Disclaimer – I have paid for the food and that has no way changed the opinion rather I feel that has helped to get a true picture and hence genuine recommendations for our readers.


Tero Parbon Bengali Restaurant Gariahat Kolkata  6

Chhanar Dalna

Tero Parbon Bengali Restaurant Gariahat Kolkata  7

Gondhoraj Betki