I am a very late entrant to the world of photography . My blog even is a baby when compared to my 3 year old son . In spite of this, when the great DesiTraveller invited me to participate in this competition that in itself was an honor which could not be ignored . In the past I have ignored several invitations like this from fellow bloggers and photographers .

This blog is going to be special as this is the first time I am participating in a competition like this .

Organized by Thomas Cook we are supposed to explore the elements – the four basic elements of this universe through our picture and words . – Earth , Fire , Water and Air


Earth, Water, Fire and Air explored at 4 different places for Thomas Cook by Pikturenama Red Valley at cappadocia

Entry for Earth – Red Valley Cappadocia

Earth – I consider earth as an eye witness to civilization . Since time immemorial civilizations have come and gone , evolution has happened, some animals have bid goodbye forever – earth has been a witness . A silent witness .

The red valley at Cappadocia, Turkey is a perfect example of how these beautiful rocks have changed shape and colour over time while withstanding the forces of nature. History says that during the third geological period, there were three volcanoes around the region which erupted frequently. The deposit of volcanic ash, basalt and lava created these strange rock formations. The sight is one of its kind, especially during sunset, when the red sky merges with the colour of the valley.


Earth, Water, Fire and Air explored at 4 different places for Thomas Cook by Pikturenama Boudhanath at Kathmandu Nepal

Entry for Fire – Boudhanath at Nepal Kathmandu

Fire – Considered as most holy by the Hindus. There isn’t any religious ceremony which has not got fire involved . One of the most sacred elements. We worship fire , seek its blessings and consider him as the preferred partner in the last journey .

This picture was taken from Tamang Gompa in Kathmandu Nepal . One morning I explored Boudhanath on my own and while exploring the Tamang Gompa opposite to Boudhanath Stupa I got this view from the first floor . Buddhist chants all around , pilgrims circum-ambulating around the main stupa , offering prayer with hundreds of butter lamps , this picture is a true representation of the serenity , peace and calmness which exists there .


Earth, Water, Fire and Air explored at 4 different places for Thomas Cook by Pikturenama Hot air Balloon ride at Cappadocia

Entry for Air Hot Air Balloon Ride at Cappadocia

Air – Air is life. Air is pure and Air is everywhere. Its universal and the higher one goes up in altitude, the air around becomes pure, almost at a spiritual level and one can start feeling it in ones pores. You become “one” with Air. That is the feeling we got when we went up on our “hot air balloon” ride at Cappadocia, Turkey. Hundreds of balloons with excited tourists all around. Yet once you go up in the air, you almost become numb and can feel the breeze through your hair, the air running through your pores. Its nothing short of magical. This is a picture taken at the golden hours of photography when the moon is still visible, yet the sun rays start to reach out its arms on the balloon.


Earth, Water, Fire and Air explored at 4 different places for Thomas Cook by Pikturenama Phewa Lake at Pokhara

Entry for water – Phewa Lake at Pokhara Nepal

Water – Phewa lake, or Phewa Tal, as it is locally known is a major tourist attraction in Pokhara, Nepal. The calm and serene water body is fed by the streams around it. Just like any other water body which history has seen over time, e.g. the Nile and The Ganges, Phewa Lake is also the heart and soul of Pokhara, providing source of income to a huge population of Nepalis, be it the boatmen and women, the shops and restaurants around it and various water sports activities. It bustling with life and energy, while the gigantic Annapurna Range watches over it. The mountains around it provide a spectacular view, especially with different reflections on the lake.

These were my choices – how will you like to interpret the same ?

There are gala prizes to be won and more importantly this is such a big platform to showcase your work to the world . The prizes and the contest details are here .

As there are few more days left I will like to nominate the following terrific bloggers to take part –

1. Siddhartha  Joshi 

2. Anirban Saha

3. Puru and Ekta Singh

4. Shivya Nath 

5. Shikha Gautam 

Keep Blogging . Keep exploring .