Feta Cheese Pie Kolkata food

Feta Cheese Pie

The prelude and playing Guide to Simba 

Its been some time that I have posted something on the food section . Its not that I have not been fed at home with good food but super active social life with Durga Puja around and a resultant sheer laziness as output, held us back from actively clicking and documenting the various dishes that got cooked at home in between . This Durga Puja was different from the last few years as this year it was more of trying to play a guide to Simba ( our son), who has just started realising what is Durga Puja. So as parents, we had to explain to him the stories of Ma Durga and try to see the Puja through his eyes .

The Feta Cheese Pie happened as a surprise 

This dish happened as a surprise .I am personally a savoury person as long as its unhygienic . It has to be deep fried and oily and hot and then only I will feel appealed by it. So most of the times my choice of savoury gets knocked off by my wife as sheer unhygeinic, even though she never fails to take a share of it .

My brush with cheese was intense during our tour to Switzerland but after that it has been on and off almost like a relationship with no strings attached, leave apart remembering what is Feta , I dont know anything about cheese . So I really don’t know when all the backend preparations happened for this particular dish as Sundays are the time when Madhushree ( my wife) experiments with various stuff for Simba’s tiffin . I was assigned a task to take  Simba for a stroll in the evening . It was once again a great father son bonding session over watching a game of tennis , rescuing an orphan kitten , running after each other trying to play meaningless games and when we came back, both panting and sweaty – this was served to us with a hot cup of tea ..

Feta Cheese Pie Kolkata food

Feta Cheese Pie close up 

Feta Cheese Pie Kolkata food 2

A different angle

Recipe of Feta Cheese Pie 


Feta Cheese – 200 gms or more , Flour – 1 Cup , Baking powder – 2tbsp , Basil Leaves – for garnishing ( optional) , Thick yogurt – 750 gms ,

Eggs – 4 , Sliced green or black olives – 1 cup , Margarine – 200 gms


In a bowl, blend the margarine with the eggs till it is light and fluffy. Add in the yogurt and beat in a medium speed. I have used thick yogurt here. The recipe requires Greek yogurt. Since Greek yogurt is not easily available here in Kolkata, I have used regular yogurt and hung it in a linen cloth for a couple of hours to drain out any liquid. This worked absolutely fine for me. Sieve through the flour and the baking powder and fold gently. Then add the feta cheese and mix well. There may be some crumbs of feta cheese left in the batter which does not mix well, which is okay. You may add some basil leaves and the olives as an option or any other flavor which you may like.

Grease a ten inch cake tin with olive oil. Dust it with flour and pour in the batter. Bake in a pre heated oven for 40 minutes at 180 degrees till the pie is golden brown and a skewer comes out clean when pierced .


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