Warning – This is a picture heavy post

My interest in photography grew many fold when I met sameer belvalkar. He had many stories to share during a 2 day workshop on photography. One of the stories was from when he was a ‘still photographer’ at the sets of the famous movie Jodha Akbar. For the night shots, they used to light up huge lanterns and fire torches. This used to be a regular affair till such time it went to the level of craziness.

The fire in its different form and shape is enticing and from a personal point of view,once you start shooting, it becomes addictive.

It was a puja at home, when very reluctantly I picked up the camera. The moment I looked through the viewfinder, it was a new world to me. First few documentation shots and checking the quality of pictures in display got me interested.

I know these pictures needs to be better. But there is always a first time and after all playing with fire was never easy. What do you say ?

Fire by pikturenama 3

Fire by pikturenama 4

Fire by pikturenama 7

Fire by pikturenama 15


Fire by pikturenama 18

Fire by pikturenama 13

Fire by pikturenama 12