The mobile phone rings and after initial exchanges Madhushree starts speaking –

-“Yes as a working woman my mornings are really crazy , and the worst part is planning for the breakfast and my son’s tiffin.

-Oh yes I will love to have a Breakfast Jeanie at home, atleast I will be relieved for 1 day.

Two days later the doorbell rings at 8.30 in the morning.

Most of the foodbloggers from Kolkata and not from kolkata also can never miss writing about Flury’s in Kolkata . The foodmap of Kolkata hails Flury’s as a pilgrimage . Much has been written and analysed about the food, the heritage and in case one wants to know more about it then please read here how Kalyan Karmakar and Ishita B Saha explores and remembers Flury’s . But getting served one of the most coveted breakfast spread in Kolkata – the All day breakfast menu at home has to be worth a mention .

Red FM team with RJ Dev , Producer – Sakshi Sircar, Chef Augustine Gomes and his assistant Haneef Munshi all walk in as Madhushree opens the door . As a part of the newly launched morning show of Red FM 93.5 Kolkata – Morning no.1 they wanted to create a morning no.1 to its lucky listeners hence we were lucky to get an All day breakfast meal from Flury’s for the family and that too cooked at home .

The kitchen gets invaded by the able chef , curious onlooking from my parents and my son and excited Madhushree and self with camera- that was the setting for the chef to cook up the legendary breakfast . Dev was at his best with his oneliners and live feed on air with Rj Neelam at the radio station where Madhushree kept on sharing her experience .

Mushrooms getting prepared for Flurys All day Breakfast

Mushrooms getting prepared

sausages getting fried by chef Augustine Gomes from Flurys to prepare All Day breakfast

Sausages getting fried

The non stick pans betrayed while the grilled tomatoes and fried eggs were on the way . Hashbrowns, baked mushroom were good enough not to act funny with the utensils and came out perfect. Sausages and bacon strips were stars . Amidst all these Chef Gomes kept smiling all through as if nothing can deter him from delighting us . It took another half an hour for the entire breakfast and finally it was served in true Flurys style . The fact that inspite of all the hassles the grilled tomatoes and fried eggs were the stars and liked by all proved the mastery of the chef .

Hash browns ready to serve for all day breakfast by Flurys Kolkata

Ready Hash Browns

eggs getting fried while preparation of All Day breakfast of Flurys Kolkata at home

The sticky non sticky pan and fried eggs

preparation of all day breakfast by Flurys Kolkata with RedFM 93.5 Kolkata

Sausages , Hash Brown, grilled tomatoes and fried eggs all at the same time

Finally when the breakfast got served, the eldest ( my father) and the youngest ( my son) who are the key stakeholders in the breakfast vide their moods , tastes and preferences ( my father doesn’t eat chicken , mutton and bacon and yes he is a bong , my son is in his terrible twos and his food preferences change every two weeks ) were the happiest . My son particularly swept away the sausages and my father feasted on the hash browns.

All day breakfast by Flurys kolkata is ready to be served

Finally the breakfast is ready

Dev and Sakshi were gracious enough not to share our food and multiple requests from all the members of the family – poor them, how tough it must have been for them to resist such temptation in the morning . We missed the ever sweet Rj Neelam, who too was jealous that we were having such a good time and good food and she was hosting the show .

Chef Augustine Gomes is ready to serve Flurys Kolkata all day breakfast

The Happy creator – Chef Augustine Gomes

Madhushree is all happy holding the All day breakfast by Flurys Kolkata

Madhushree all happy and glowing

Thank you all . Day gets better when you start on an All Day breakfast . It was truly morning number one .

The team of Flurys with RJ Dev and Madhushree with RedFM goodies

Madhushree , Rj Dev , Chef Gomes and his assistant

Rj Dev handing over the bag of goodies to excited Tugga

Excited Tugga with Red FM goodies bag and Dev uncle

P.S. – Other than all day breakfast – Flurys also have a joggers breakfast which is a healthier option with Cucumber and spinach/ Carrot and orange juice, 3 egg white omelet with spinach and onion, lean low fat , low sodium chicken sausage, rind less bacon, multi grain high fiber toast, low fat preserves , decaffeinated coffee/green tea.  

And we got featured on youtube also- video