Chicken Lollipop , Fried chicken drumstick or whatever.

One of those weeks where the son has been unwell, office has been deadly, weather has been bad and results have been denied. After all this, on saturday evening one desperately wants to unwind.

A little research into the dishes for this blog throws up some interesting fact. While a drumstick is clearly a stick with shaped or padded head used for beating a drum, a chicken drumstick is clearly the lower joint of the leg of a cooked chicken. A chicken lollipop however, is something completely different. It is a frenched chicken leg, where the meat is cut loose from the bone end and pushed down creating a lollipop appearance. Made from chicken wing or chicken thigh most of the times, the bone end of the chicken lollipop is sometimes wrapped in aluminium foil while serving.

I dont know when I grew fond of these dishes but  have had a wide range of chicken lollipops across various chinese restaurants. Some moist, some dry and some with huge layers of batter, where chicken is rarely found. Same goes with any type of fried chicken drumsticks, too eggy, too floury, unseasoned and bland and most of the times its overcooked and dried.

We tried doing fried chicken drumstick using Kissan Twist- chilli Tomato sauce in the marinade.

Let us know how you like it

Fried chicken drumstick 7

Fried Chicken Drumstick

Makes: 6 nos


Chicken drumsticks 6 nos
Spiced Buttermilk (Amul Masti Chaas) 200 ml (small pack)
Kissan Twist- Chilli Tomato (or any other hot sauce) 4 tbsp
Flour 3/4 cup
Cornflour 2 tbsp
Corn Flakes crushed 1/2 cup
Maggi Chicken Cubes (or any seasoning) 2 cubes
Any white Oil For deep frying



  • Marinate the chicken in spiced buttermilk and Kissan Twist- Chilli Tomato ketchup for at least 4 hours to overnight. In case you do not have spiced buttermilk, then used only buttermilk and add a few spices like cumin and coriander powder, chili powder and some salt and pepper. Adjust as per your taste. Same goes for the Kissan Twist. As an alternate, use any hot sauce and it will serve the purpose.
  • If the drumsticks are in the refrigerator, you need to take them out in advance to bring them to room temperature before frying.
  • When you are ready for frying, heat oil in a deep pan.
  • In a medium bowl, take the rest of the ingredients and mix them well. Season with salt if required.
  • Take each drumstick out of the marinade and coat it or dredge it with the flour mix on all sides properly and drop it gently into the hot oil.
  • The tricky part is maintaining the temperature of the oil in case you do not have a fryer. The oil has to be hot, however if it is too hot then the chicken will turn brown on the outside without cooking on the inside.
  • Maintain the temperature around 350 degrees. For each drumstick, it takes about 6 -7 minutes.
  • For the chicken to be cooked, if you have a meat thermometer, then use it to check at the thickest part of the chicken. It should be 165 degrees. In case you don’t have a thermometer, then just use your cooking instinct. Lower the heat if the chicken is browning faster.
  • Once cooked, use a slotted spoon to take the chicken out. Drain the excess oil from the drumsticks on a wire rack and them gently dap with a paper towel.
  • Serve hot with some more Kissan Twist Chilli Tomato and some coleslaw.


Fried chicken drumstick 2

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