This has become an annual feature now . Come December, come first Saturday I am with “Help Portrait” . My friend Sudhyasheel introduced me to this last year and since then, it has been no looking back and I sincerely wish that I continue this for the coming years.

Planning meetings, co ordination with the NGOs , studio finalization ( our friend Rahul Mall who is also an ace photographer, happily allowed us for a disruptive intervention in his small sexy studio – Studio Pomegranate at Wood Street ) .

Jayati Saha, an ace photographer with national and international publications and prizes, also agreed to be a part of this just like the last year . This was a personal high point for me as I have been a closet fan of her photography for long . Several attempts  to get in touch with her , discuss photos with her had been in vain. So shamelessly I requested Sudhya to make me a part of her team .

Just when everything was all set , things started falling apart on the personal front . Tugga remained unwell throughout the last week and finally on Friday 5th December , 2014 night, Madhushree also started running a temperature and on Saturday morning it was a dilemma for me to go or to drop out . I stood by my commitment . Thanks to Madhushree, for as always she has been supportive or else this would not have been possible .

Help Portrait Kolkata 2014 - The girl with million dollar smile

One of the best captures the innocence , smile and sparkle in eyes

Faces, which have stories behind them and stories which are not very memorable. Stories of deception, domestic violence, abuse , assault and even uglier than that . Innocence and happiness of soul can easily bring about a smile in them and wipe out the bruises of the past . A smile which you can never forget , the twinkle in the eyes which you can never ignore, aspirations of lives which make  you think bigger and zeal for life which you feel rejuvenated . Thats what Help Portrait is all about . The reason why I don’ t ever want to  miss it .

Help Portrait kolkata 2014 - Mongola with sparkling eyes

Mongola studies in class VI and wants to become a doctor . hates to put on makeup but when you have those eyes you dont need anything else

I took Behind the Scenes photography as I saw the maestros in work and more wanted to get soaked in the environment and spend some quality time with the kids. However, some names are not likely to be forgotten . Aspirations of becoming singers , dancers , boxing champions , professor of English, etc…just like mine or your children. Barsha, Ruksana, Taslima, Farhana, Manisha , Ruma are few names but these are not only names but an evidence of hope , strength and courage .

Help Portrait kolkata 2014 behnd the scenes and teh fun

When I got shouted by Ace photographer Jayati Saha for getting into her frame

New Light NGO, which works with the mission to promote gender equality through education and life-skill training, thereby reduce harm caused by violence and abuse to women and young children, agreed to allow some of the children from their home to be a part of this .

Help Portrait kolkata 2014 Behind the scenes with Barsha the Kathakali dancer

Barsha – the kathakali dancer studies in class VII . She wants to be an actress once she grows up . She is from New Light NGO .

Help Portrait kolkata 2014 Barsha the kathakali dancer with another pose

Barsha with another pose – Elegance

Help Portrait kolkata 2014 Pooja from New Light

Pooja studies in Class IX and wants to become a boxer from New Light

We also had children from Hope foundation whose home I had visited last year .

Its better if I let the faces tell you the story . Come join me in the journey .

Help Portrait kolkata 2014 Knockout punch by Taslima

The knockout punch by Taslima – sutdies in class IX and wants to become a professional boxer from New Light NGO

Help Portrait kolkata 2014 the Hope foundation girls present Jayati Saha with a small gift

A small note of appreciation from HOpe Foundation in Help Portrait kolkata 2014

After the shoot is over its selfie in Help Portrait Kolkata 2014

Its selfie time

A very special thanks to the smiling shining team of Nidhi Somani , Sanghapriya and Vatsala . This would not have been possible without you around.

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The man behind this entire movement is Jeremy Cowart 

Latest count says that this year Help Portrait has given away 27650 PORTRAITS with the help of 6575 VOLUNTEERS across 19 COUNTRIES in 199 EVENTS . That is some number to speak about .

My experience from last year is here . Till next year .

Help Portrait kolkata 2014 behind the scenes the girl dancing

Some dance moves We shoot and we have fun also . Sanghapriya and Nidhi showed us some cool moves

Help Portrait kolkata 2014 Behind the scenes where the pictures get analysed

We did some serious work . Jayati Saha with an intense look on her face while checking the pictures

Help Portrait kolkata 2014 where Anjali analyzes the picture with Jayati Saha

Jayati di with Anjali from New Light NGO