The idea of this blogpost has been on my mind for the last two years. Yes, this September I complete two years of my travel to Hong Kong. As I visited several places by MTR, I also walked extensively. At times, I even walked between Central and Tsim Sha Shui. Every time I stepped out, I couldn’t help but notice the buildings around. As I looked at them through the view finder of my camera, I randomly clicked. Some are worth sharing, hence the blogpost.

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 21

The view from my hotel room

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 17

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 13

Hong Kong Architecture and some disclaimers

New and old, modern and past with an outlook to future, marks Hong Kong’s architecture and buildings in general. Before I proceed, it’s important to mention here that I have never studied architecture, nor I understand anything about it. It may disqualify me from writing about architecture but as a tourist, when I move around in a city, I can almost feel the city. I’m sure there are many who would agree with me on this. My experience is purely from a traveller’s point of view.

Chris Patten, the last colonial governor of Hong Kong, before the city’s return to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, said: “No other place has quite the same blend of East and West, ancient and modern, spectacular and humdrum.”

The first glimpse of the modern era in Sunset Cruise

The HSBC building is one of the main attractions in the evening sunset cruise and no one can miss it. The first building made of structural steel entirely, this building is also one of historical and cultural significance. I watched this in the evening sunset and perhaps can go back to Hong Kong, only to have another look at it. This entire area is called the The statue square and one of the true symbols of modern architecture in Hong Kong.

Here is what you can expect from the Sunset cruise

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 18

The State theatre building – North point

I went on a food trail in Hong Kong at North Point and I saw The State theatre building. In the shine and dazzle of new age architecture, it’s easy for an old building to fizzle out. However, the series of concentric concrete arches, from which the ceiling is suspended, makes it a remnant of the past. This 1400 seater theatre opened in 1952. It was empire theatre then and was renamed to The State theatre in 1959. 

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 3

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 7

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 8

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 9

Boxes on top of Boxes. The symmetry of a lego building. 

I clicked pictures everywhere possible with an attempt to capture the symmetry of the buildings. It may be insufficient but what prompted me to take the pictures? The tall structures almost coming out of the blue sky and making you feel like a dwarf. The peripheral symmetry in which with utmost care someone has built the buildings. The shining surface and unique designs and brightness of the buildings. I wish I knew what is architectural photography.

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 12

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 14

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 2

Hong Kong Building and Architecture -1

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 3

Hong Kong Building and Architecture - 5

Some architecture marvels which you cannot miss in Hong Kong –

As said earlier, as a tourist you can experience a wide variety of building architecture spread over few centuries. Some of the buildings have been declared as historic monuments and few others as historic buildings. Man Mo temple , Murray House, Blue House, St Andrew’s church Kowloon are some which cannot be missed.

Man Mo and Wong Tai SIn Temples in Hong Kong are must visits

My wish list for the next Hong Kong trip – 

Any study on Hong Kong architecture is incomplete without shooting this Yick Cheong Building –

What I’ve Learned From Visiting Yick Cheong Building in Hongkong

Hong Kong’s Kowloon walled city was once the most crowded place on earth and a photostory there can be worth a try. 

Kowloon Walled city