Not many know how blogbuddy started? Do you know the story of how blogbuddy started? Then please share with me.

The folklore says – some time ago during the month of October last year, two tweeple started chatting on a Sunday. Both were bored. One was working on a Sunday in office. The other was working from home on a blog post. All of a sudden the twitter interaction started over some ghazals. One tweet led to another and then blog buddy was announced by BlogChatter. I am still keen to know the interactions that actually took place and how blogbuddy happened. So if you know, then please post that as a comment.

As a new blogger, I have always felt the need to have a community who will read your posts, comment on your posts and also share the posts and what can be better, than to have a community of like minded bloggers as your buddies, who will be always by your side.

Blogbuddy 1

I have had some interesting people as my blog buddies who created wonderful memories for me in my blogging journey so far. Blogging looks easy on the face but it’s very lonely and hard work too. There are equal number of highs and lows and it’s at the time of the lows that your buddies stand by your side. Thank you Kala and Reems for being such tolerant sweet buddies, Prateek has been always encouraging and his inspiration has made me write more about Kashmir. Ajay has an infectious sense of humour which seems easy but tough to replicate and I have been a failure at that. While Aditi, migrated to a new city, country and a new job, all the time she showed us what dedication means to blogging. Any words I say about Divsi will be less as I am often biased towards her work and when she started complimenting on my work, it was dreams come true. Sherna was with us for a very brief time but she brought on the table her pie of enthusiasm till she got married and took a sabbatical. Thank you all for being there by my side for the last 1 year and without you perhaps, my blog would have died an untimely death as many new blogs do.

I can go on and on about this team, on what all we did, how we always wanted to be the best and how many whatsapp messages across different time zones in different parts of the globe got exchanged but that is a story for some other time.

I would be tempted to introduce my new team here as I did the previous one but I won’t do that. I can say this much, Blogbuddy ver 3.0 will be crazy with writeaholics.  Yes that’s the name of the team. You remember in school how you always wanted to be with your pals whenever there was a team exercise? Later, when I became a HR professional and a trainer, we always used to make disruptive intervention to form new team. I realised in these team building exercises that a new team is an opportunity to learn, to get out of your comfort zone, to know new people and form some new memories.


While Modern_ gypsy  ( I love calling her gypsy) is a super creative woman with multifaceted talents, Anshul is a doctor who is new to blogging. Saumy is an IT professional by daytime and a poet and photographer in his spare time. Menaka blogs at Simple Indian mom on varied topics of interest with well researched write ups and Dixita is the pint size dynamo of infectious energy whose fictions are worth dying for. Saurabh is a poet and he has penned some excellent poems in his blog.

I want to know these people as much as you will like to know as a reader, so follow me on my facebook page and twitter where I will be circulating lots of works about these wonderful bloggers.

We enter a memorable journey. We are writeaholics. Cheers

Blogbuddy 2