We were a group of travel bloggers travelling to Uttarakhand and if you are in Uttarakhand, then the trek to Yamunotri is a must. I was skeptical in the beginning as I had never done any trekking before. But this year, as you will recollect from my earlier blog, I had resolved to #EnsureAStronger2018 and this trek was my way of challenging myself. I wanted to see if I was living up to my resolution. Also, my fellow travel bloggers who are seasoned trekkers assured that this is perhaps one of the best tracks to start your trekking.

Ensure 2

The beautiful surroundings which gave us company

Contrary to many popular beliefs, it’s not a track of 5 km but slightly more than that. The initial couple of kilometers would have a GMVN guest house and also a Police outpost but post that, the path gets steeper and you are always surrounded by other pilgrims on foot, on horse backs and also on dandies. The rush is at peak as the day moves on and adding to that are the sunrays blazing on you. But thanks to Ensure I was able to complete the trek and experience the true beauty of Uttarakhand.

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This year, I had resolved to stay healthy and strong to lead an active life and therefore needed to properly monitor my diet. I made it a point to eat healthy. Moreover, when I took the resolution I had never thought that I would be able to go trekking let alone complete it.

Ensure 3

Yes I paused for pictures too

Somewhere I knew I was not able to absorb all nutrients from my regular diet. Thanks to Ensure, that has 32 essential nutrients, my energy levels are always up. I was feeling stronger and healthier. This was confirmed by my fellow travel bloggers who told me that I had done a decent job in terms of time and distance on my trek. For the last 4 months I have never missed taking Ensure even for a single day.

I revisited many life changing lessons as I completed the trek and finally retired for the day but perhaps the most important part was that I made a wise decision of making Ensure a part of my regular diet in January and the results were evident since then. I have started feeling fresh and energized within and yes, I definitely feel stronger which is one of the reasons I was able to take up the challenge of completing a trek. I have rarely fallen sick. Ensure has given my immunity that much needed boost.

Ensure 4

the faith and belief which makes so many people reach the destination

What’s next? I don’t know but I know that as much as the mind should be ready to wander boundary less with an appetite for risk, the body should also support the mind and what better way to balance it than having Ensure every day and ensure a stronger you.