As we grow old, a lot of things start happening in the body in the background without a tell-tale sign. All of a sudden, the lungs start screaming out for that extra gasp of air while climbing the stairs, and the quantity of food and spice level which once appeared as a delicious and wholesome meal turns out to be over spicy and in excess quantity. Things that we could see without any trouble now appear slightly blurry unless we move them to a certain distance.

One such major change that starts is the weakness of the muscles and lowered levels of immunity.

Muscle age test - 2

Some form of work is always essential for me

Did you know that our muscles age faster than we?

Most of us are unaware that our muscles age faster than us and the aging of the muscles is faster once we cross 40.  They say, “A body in motion stays in motion.” I have grown up observing my parents believing in this. I am speaking of a time when there were no cab rental apps, no social media and no food delivery. Even when he was in his 70s, I saw my father never taking any vehicle for his daily vegetable shopping and grocery pickups. Even for small errands, he would prefer walking; a practice which we now flaunt through our smartwatches and record our kilometers on a treadmill. Ma never kept a full-time help for fear of imbibing the pitfalls of a sedentary lifestyle. Till the fag end of their lives, they stayed healthy without any age-related ailments. Now, I realize what they practiced was what everyone should practice as they start aging.

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Muscle age test with kettlebell

I interspace my exercises with some kettlebells and pilates too

What reduces the strength and immunity in adults in India?

Weakening of the muscles can be a normal process and we can blame it on age but have we ever thought about what reduces the strength and immunity in adults in India? Our lifestyle in particular. Poor nutrition, lifestyle habits and add on stress both physical and mental are the main culprits. In no matter of time, we look forward to that additional pack of energy. As our muscles age, we lose strength in turn the immunity also decreases.[1]

Just like a regular medical check-up is necessary after a certain age we also need to carry out one more test. Are you aware of it? It’s called the muscle age test and have you carried out that test yet? You can find the muscle age test here. We always need to remain #EnsureStrongerInsideOut which means strength from inside as well as physical strength. Balanced nutrition is one such measure and Ensure from Abbott promises to help aging adults achieve the result. Ensure’s 32 vital nutrients give you the strength to do more and the immunity to stay protected

When I work out at home, I always make it a point to take along my 9-year-old son or 3-year-old daughter with me. I don’t want to force upon them but I want to form a distinct impression in their mind as they grow up that exercise is necessary and how important it is to stay fit. That is my way of passing the life lessons which I had learned once from my parents. 

[1] Argilés MJ et al Skeletal Muscle Regulates Metabolism via Interorgan Crosstalk: Roles in Health and Disease. JAMDA 2016; 17: 789-796