It was raining incessantly since 6 o’clock in the morning and we were supposed to get out of home by 8 AM. On a Saturday, we were invited for a “Signature mornings” breakfast at ITC Sonar Kolkata.

The driver delayed and being a holiday, Tugga decided to wake up late and the rain-gods played spoilsport. Exchange of messages with fellow KFB bloggers confirmed that everyone was running late and water logging was a major hindrance.

Breakfast on a normal day is pretty boring and routine affair for me with a mind block of experimenting, whereas Madhushree is always keen to experiment. However Monday to Saturday, the water tight time table rarely gives her a chance. This was indeed a welcome break and although we had a working day, we enjoyed it to the fullest.

There was a time when the food scenario was trending towards easy and convenient food and it did not matter where the produce came from, as long as it had taste and was quickly available. However, the changing scenario of today’s world, where the trend is towards health food from locally procured fresh produce, ITC Hotels have craft-fully created ‘ITC Signature Mornings Breakfast’ along with’Pavilion Pure’ natural cold pressed juices.

The Signature Mornings breakfast includes a range of breakfast classics which are being made to order unlike the general buffet spread. We began with the Muesli and Berry Brulee flanked by Amaranth (ancient Indian grain·‘rajgira’) and Jaggery Brittle. It was Muesli, but beautifully plated and wonderfully creamy in mouth, even though it had been softened in orange juice instead of yogurt or milk. The finger Millet (Ragi) and Almond meal pancakes teamed with apricot and thyme compote along with jaggery butter sauce was a pure delight. I am sure that my 3.5 yr old son would prefer the regular version of pancakes, however, this one had surprisingly delightful texture and the flavour of the jaggery butter sauce or in layman’s language- Nolen gur, created magic on the taste buds. Any health fanatic would devour the pancakes without a second thought.

ITC Sonar Kolkata muesly and berry brulee

Muesly and berry brulee

ITC Sonar Kolkata the pan cakes

The pan cakes

This one brought out a huge gleaming smile from Madhushree- Eggs Benedict. One of her favourite breakfasts, this version of Eggs Benedict is prepared with Free Range eggs and pampered with an extra virgin olive oil hollandaise and accompanied with locally sourced Birch wood smoked chicken rashers that have replaced the staple of bacon or ham. You can have one and not feel guilty about it.

ITC Sonar Kolkata eggs benedict

the star of the show – eggs benedict

The fourth member of this esteemed group was a Salmon and Almond Milk Clafoutis. Traditionally a french dessert, this has been very cleverly converted into a savoury breakfast with a rendition of salmon, almond milk and silken tofu. Even though I felt it lacked a bit of seasoning on its own, the silky and velvety texture of the clafoutis along with the burst of saltiness from the salmon, made it a very interesting combination and with gave it a perfect balance.

ITC Sonar Kolkata fruits at Pavilion pure

Fresh fruits at Pavilion Pure – 2

ITC Sonar Kolkata fresh furits at Pavilion Pure

The fresh fruits at Pavilion Pure

ITC_Sonar_kolkata_signature_mornings_pikturenama -9 logo

Along with the ‘Signature Mornings’ breakfast, came the ‘Pavilion Pure’ juices. An array of fruits and vegetables, displayed at the counter, one can choose from any combination to get “120 ml” of pure and organic elixir. Most of the ingredients like wheat grass, sprouts of horsegram, fenugreek, pumpkin seed, flax seed, mustard seed, lemon etc are sourced from the in house kitchen garden and the others are locally procured. Some of the healthy combinations are Celery, Spinach, Cucumber and Neem; Indian Gooseberry, Aloe Vera, Tomato and Tulsi; Aloe Vera, Home Grown Cress, Spinach and Ginger to name a few. I tasted beetroot, orange, ginger and mint. The gingery element was a tad bit strong for me, but it had sweetness without any added sugar and freshness that made me feel like I was sipping into nutrition and health.

ITC_Sonar_kolkata_signature_mornings_pikturenama -11 logo

Fruit danish pastry

ITC Sonar Kolkata chocolate croissant

chocolate croissant

The breakfast buffet spread was equally fascinating with something on the offering for every kind of personality. Like the A la carte menu, the buffet spread reflected Eden Pavilion’s commitment to its core themes of wellness and sustainability. It had the usual cold cuts, beautiful freshly baked goodies and some very unusual yogurts, to local favorites like puri sabji, chinese breakfast and south indian delicacies and much more.

The Breakfast buffet closes at 10:30 AM and for the “Signature Mornings” A la Carte Menu, the chef insists on an additional 15 minute time to plate up the beautiful delicacies. Eden Pavilion is open 24 hours and the breakfast buffet is priced Rs. 850 plus taxes.

For table reservations please call Eden Pavilion, ITC Sonar- 033-23454545

P.S. – The breakfast was on invitation by ITC Sonar Kolkata