We had been speculating about the menu at the Jodhpuri Food festival in Novotel Kolkata. A place where the hospitality is always warm, splendour and worth the experience. Madhushree and I, both have our knowledge on Jodhpuri cuisine restricted to Lal Maas and dal bati churma from our very brief last tour of Rajasthan, hence there was an undercurrent thrill of experiencing a new cuisine.

Chef Rehman

Chef Rehman

Novotel Kolkata has got chef and food consultant Mr. M Rehman, who takes a keen interest in reviving and presenting traditional menus like the ones from Kashmiri, Mughlai, Rampuri and others. His entire team and him presents some of the dishes from the kitchen of the Maharajas of Rajasthan. The spread looks simple and easily managable on the face but a word of caution over here is that this may be little too much to wipe off single handedly.

Jodhpuri Food festival at Novotel Kolkata pickles from Jodhpur

Those pickles which came down from Jodhpur

Pappads and Rotis at Jodhpuri Food festival at Novotel Kolkata

Pappads and Rotis

The starters had Junglee kukkad or the soft chicken pieces which were done properly as well as some maas ke bute, which was basically grilled mutton pieces, spicy and rustic. We started with keri sangree (desert berries along with those sangree beans) which was instantly liked by us. It was tangy, salty and quite peppery and had an unusual taste. There was the usual daal bati churma, paneer papad ki subji, onion kachoris, gatte ki subji, mirchi pakoda and the king of all Rajasthani menu- the lal maas.

The full plater with some yummy food Jodhpuri Food festival at Novotel Kolkata

The full platter with some yummy food

Now, one would say that the above menu sort of comprises of everything Rajasthan. That’s what we thought too. We had a chat with the chef. It seems, like Bengal, in Rajasthan too, even if the names are familiar and same in every region, the taste varies between regions due to the use of very different ingredients. We were floored by the onion kachoris and even though it was very filling, everyone seemed to want more of it. Every bite exploded with the bang in the mouth.

Ghewar at Jodhpuri Food festival at Novotel Kolkata

And that Ghewar

The menu is going to be different every day and one can expect a variation like Paneer Muttur Rassa, Jodhpuri Bhari Bhindi, Gatte Ka Pulao, Rajputana Maas Pulao, Makke ke Roti/Madhavpuri Paratha/Masala Puri, Kesaria Ghewar, Rabri Jalebi, Rajbhog & Gahum Churma.

By the end of our meal, we had formed a fair idea about what we were going to order on our next visit to Jaipur or Jodhpur or any place in Rajasthan (wish it happens soon) and we had already picked up our favourites.

Jodhpuri Food festival at Novotel Kolkata the internal decor

The internal decor

Jodhpuri Food festival at Novotel Kolkata adding upto the festival

The decor adding up to the mood of the festival

The festival is on till the 20th March 2016 and the pocket pinch will be around Rs 1950 plus taxes. This is only available in dinner. The Food festivals are always a nice welcome in the foodscape of the city as it not only adds up a variety but also gives an opportunity to explore some of the unexplored dishes. The restaurants can also offer something new to the regular guests and well arranged food festivals like these are always welcome.

We attended the food festival on behalf of Kolkata Food bloggers.