What is your average bill size for food when you visit KFC?

How much will it affect you if the bill increases by Rs 5?

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Long back, when we stayed in Chandannagore, we had a house help who used to come to our house along with her three younger daughters to help Ma. The middle one, whose name was Basanti was an intelligent one. She would mentally calculate the numbers very fast. Baba used to teach me then and loved throwing up maths quizzes and she was always the one with the right answers. We had high hopes on her and we used to keep on telling her mother that no matter what, the studies should go on. She had to drop out at class V and start working as a house help somewhere else so that her poor family could survive.

It is one year that KFC AddHope program has been started.

Under KFC AddHope, they plan to provide 20 million meals to under privileged children by 2020. A noble effort where as Mr. Rahul Shinde, Managing Director KFC India says – “Through KFC AddHope we are striving to give children access to nutritious and balanced meals in order to grow and learn, so that they can be their best selves. With the support of our consumers, employees and trusted partners, we have been able to stay committed in our fight against hunger; and are moving closer, each day towards our aim.”

19th May, 2017 in Kala Kunj at Kala Mandir, 50 kids from Smile foundation assembled to be a part of the one year celebration of this KFC Addhope intiative. Tanishaa Mukherjee, the bollywood actress along with Ms Gargi Kapoor – head of Education for Smile foundation shared the prospects of this program and indeed it was so heartening to hear the outreach of the program. Tanisha had some fun filled moments with the kids on stage.

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Gargi Kapoor from Smile foundation

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The lunch break at the backyard had all the kids with innocent faces sitting for a community lunch and Tanisha along with KFC staff members served food to all. The way the KFC volunteers participated in this activity was remarkable. From overall supervising the entire event to serving the food, each step was executed with utmost care. While serving, they ensured that the kids have their food. The KFC staff members not only stopped from time to time to see that the kids are having their food properly, fed the kids who could not manage their food, chatted up with them. It was heart warming and an extension of humanity.

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It was sometime back that as a part of their Corporate Social responsibility they used to train the Specially abled children in the cash counter across various outlets in the city. Many a times, after placing the order and waiting for the food to be ready, I have watched them with awe and respect. How they have overcome a personal challenge and gained confidence to face the world. Thanks KFC for providing them a platform.

If hunger can be taken care of, then half the problems are solved in a child’s upbringing. More focus can be given on the learning and studies and that in order will help India to prosper. Today malnutrition is a serious problem for the country and all we need is to join hands together to take care of the situation.

In India 30.7 percent of children under 5 are underweight 

In India 58 percent are stunted by the age of 2 

In India 3000 children die everyday mainly in early infancy.  

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It takes only a markup of Rs 5 to make these numbers look less scary. Add on Rs 5 in your bill next time to bring a smile to a child’s face. There is another easier way too.

Log on to PlateofHope  and create a plate under KFC AddHope. For every plate created here, KFC will feed a child. Trust me, its quick.

Either 5 Rupees or 1 minute is all that is needed to spread a smile, to bring food on someone’s plate. You would do it right? Let me know when done. :-)