The formal dressing has undergone a huge change in the recent past and as a fashion statement, it has become powerful too; but the semi formal dressing is one area where the boundaries are less stringent and a lot of varieties and combination can be tried out.

Semi formal dressing in corporate world has different connotations in different parts of the world. Traditionally, semi formal dressing will involve lighter shades of suits for the day time and darker, preferably black during the evening or night functions. Ties and pocket squares (though not mandatory, they need to be conservative) and shoes need to be formal. So while a tie can be ditched but not a jeans or a shorts. However there is a always a liberty to interpret this genre of dressing in your own way.

Indian summers are the worst for dressing. High temperatures, combined with humidity more than often, makes life miserable. If one is in a set up where its a complete formal setup throughout the week (may or may not be without the suit but with a tie for sure) and Fridays or Saturdays are meant for Semi formal dressing, then it becomes tricky as all of a sudden during the weekend, one has to rake the brains to identify the perfect dress combination. If the set up is semi formal through out the week, then its a notch better, however the choice of material remains the crucial question in addition to the combinations to be worn and colors to pair up with (unless you want to be called Govinda in your office for your dressing style).

What can be the possible options? In summers, the choice of fabric becomes vital and polyester can be ruled out blindly as an option because it not only traps the heat but also reflects the heat back to the body.The best alternative considering these factors is natural fiber which primarily allows the skin to breathe. Cotton and Linen are the two topmost recall and my personal favourite is Linen. The lightest of the natural fibers, it gives a soothing cool effect the moment its worn. I chanced upon the Summer Linen collection by Turtle. The typical summer pastel shades, the soft breathing material, the light material not only makes them desirable but there is some magic which calls out to be worn.

Set up in 1993 with a capacity of producing 20 shirts a day, today Turtle has a set up supports 96 own outlets and more than 1200 multi brand outlets across the country. There are 8 basic colour shades in Linen other than the traditional white one and each one is worth picking up. Its not only about the shirts, is it? How about trying out some linen trousers also? The best part is that these range of clothes can be worn with ties too. So from attending a very formal meeting to casual dressing to attending that party post office, this summer try linen.

Turtle stores are located all across the city and in case there is any difficulty in finding one, then its just a mouse click away – Turtle online

Let Linen see you through this summer.


Linen by Turtle this summer the array of colours

The nice collection of soothing colours

Linen by Turtle this summer with all accessories

The complete range of accessories

Linen by Turtle this summer with belt and cuff links

Linen by Turtle this summer the style statement

The style statement

Linen by Turtle this summer contemporary dressing style

The contemporary dressing style

Linen by Turtle this summer pastel shades

The pastel shades, sober yet stylish

Linen by Turtle this summer the range of trousers

The range of trousers

Linen by Turtle this summer combination of red and black

Now thats a combination

Linen by Turtle this summer semi formal combination

The typical friday semi formal combination

Linen by Turtle this summer waist coats

One cannot miss these waist coats