Mango chicken salad is the latest avatar in which mango reappeared on our dining table 

As I write this post – the rain sets in with dark clouds hovering around. Its the third day of the season when its raining. Speculations have started since last week about the monsoon finally setting in. These days one doesn’t have to wait for the newspaper, the TV news or phone calls from dear friends living in another city to know that its raining in another part of the world. Social Media acts as a messenger. It rains in Mumbai and my Timeline gets flooded from my friends with update of rainfall.

Cloudy sky in Kolkata by pikturenama

The clouds as I wrote this piece

As monsoon sets in, soon we have to bid goodbye to one of the close associates of summer – the mango – the king of fruits. I wrote earlier how mango becomes an integral part of our life in summer. This summer also, it was not an exception where we had shakes, checked out various sweets and sliced fruits in almost every meal served at home. Madhushree even carried one each to office also. I don’t know whether this is the climax or some more of the story is left, but the final twist in the story was when this got served today. Let us know how you like it.


Completed Mango Chicken salad with zesty coriander and chili dressing

The completed salad

Mango chicken salad revised - 1

Mango for Mango Chicken salad with zesty coriander and chili dressing

The king of fruits – Mango

Rain also reminds me to check out the umbrella,  raincoats and being in Kolkata, let’s not forget the knee length gumboot – the essential to survive Kolkata rainy season.

Mango Chicken Salad with Zesty Coriander and Chili Dressing

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes


Ripe Mango 1 and ½ Boneless Chicken 200 Gms
Cucumber ½ Red Bell Pepper ½
Coriander Leaves ½ a bunch Garlic 1 clove
Brown Sugar 3 tsp Lemon 2 nos
Soy sauce 1 and ½ tsp Garlic Paste 1 tsp
Salt and Pepper For seasoning Green Chili 1
Olive oil 2 tsp
Ingredients in a diff view Mango chicken salad with zesty coriander and chili

Ingredients for Mango Chicken salad with zesty coriander and chili dressing


  • Dice the chicken in small cubes and marinate in the juice of ½ a lemon, garlic paste and very little salt and pepper for about 10 minutes.
  • In a grinder, make a paste of the coriander leaves (leave some for garnish), brown sugar, deseeded green chili, juice of one lemon, garlic clove and soy sauce. Adjust the quantity of the ingredients based on your taste. If you prefer more zing, feel free to add more chilies.
  • Now take a grill pan, pour a couple of tsp of olive oil and toss the chicken till it is cooked. It will take about 5 to 7 minutes. Be careful not to overcook. The chicken must be soft and tender. Once done, keep it in the freezer while you chop the rest of the vegetables.
  • Cube the cucumber, red bell pepper and the mangoes. In a salad bowl, mix together the vegetables and the cold chicken. Add as much of the coriander dressing as you like. Add the mangoes.
  • Finally squeeze some more lemon juice and sprinkle some salt if you may need. Garnish with the balance coriander leaves and serve.

Mango chicken salad revised 2

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