Casa Kitchen Kolkata has always been trying to present to Kolkata various type of food festivals and being a completely vegetarian restaurant is not at all a deterrent for them. The latest in their offering is the Mexo Italiana food festival.

My regular readers know how busy it has been the last couple of months for us and for all possible reasons, we have not been doing any review for sometime now. When this invitation came, it was hard to turn down, as Casa Kitchen always offers yummy food coupled with great hospitality and it was also a chance to catch up with two of my long time blogger friends – Anirban Halder who writes for Kolkatacurry and Indrajit Lahiri at Mohamushkil .

On an end December evening, when the festive spirit in Kolkata is slowly inching towards its peak, we reached Casa Kitchen and our exploration of Mexo Italiana food and its delicacies started.

The Theme “Mexo-Italiana Food Festival ”is taken from the leaf of Italian navigators’ territorial claims in America that were based on their voyages in 1539; establishing localized settlements which later became the Arizona and New Mexico. The class of culinary import was almost global and the explorers left a mark of their taste everywhere. We started with glasses of house wines that were on the offering, which was followed by the soups.

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 wine Mexo_Italiana_food_by_Casa_Kitchen

Red wine in the beginning

Mexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen Veg Tortilla Soup

Veg Tortilla Soup

We started with Veg Tortilla soup which had baked beans and was pleasantly tangy in taste, where as the star of the faceoff of soups was Zupa Toscana. Zupa Toscana is an Italian soup – creamy asparagus soup with broccoli, beans and plenty of white sauce and creams and as the description is creamy and velvety in texture with the sweetness from the asparagus.

In salads, we had grilled corn salad which is one of the fast moving salads and I was really impressed with the perfect balance of vinaigrette with grilled fresh vegetables but my usual favourite is the vegetable Caesar salad and did not disappoint me as usual.

Veg Caeser Salad Mexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen

Vegetable Caeser salad

Brilled COrn Salad Mexo_Italiana_food_by_Casa_KitchenMexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen

Griled corn Salad

In starters we had Briciole Mushroom Frito which was fried mushroom with Jalapeno and cheese. With every bite the warm creamy cheese was very comforting, whereas the Corn cheese balls could have been a bit more moist and creamy. I guess for that particular day it was dry. The Burritos were too good. I mean too good. Burritos are normally tortilla breads stuffed with refried beans, Mexican rice and cheese and these were filling for the stomach, irresistible to put down with only one. These Burritos are surely recommendable for any visit to this festival.

Briciole Mushroom Fritto in Mexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen

Briciole Mushroom Fritto

Corn Cheese Balls Mexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen

Corn Cheese Balls

Burritos in Mexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen


After a short break and a quick catch up, we started with Mac n Cheese, a classic and another creamy dish which packed a lot of flavours. No wonder we devoured the dish. We had Risotto Primavera, where the rice could have been little smoother. Quesadilla had mixed beans, cheese and jalapenos in grilled baked tortillas and the enchiladas had a perfect sauce to add to the taste. The winner was Veg Milanos, which was again rich in cheesy sauce and we asked for a second helping.

Veg Mac n Cheese Mexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen

Veg Mac n Cheese

Risotto Primavera in Mexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen

Risotto Primavera

Quesadilla in Mexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen


Enchiladas in Mexo_Italiana_food_by_Casa_KitchenMexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen


I have never had a sweet tooth, so trying to comment on a dessert won’t be justified, however the Tiramisu which we had earlier here also still remains that same delight to the taste buds and I could not resist having the sizzling brownie.

Tiramisu in Mexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen


Sizzling Brownie in Mexo Italiana food by Casa Kitchen

Sizzling Brownie

This is definitely an innovative effort from Casa Kitchen and am sure for the Vegetarians as well as non vegetarian food lovers in the city, this festival is worth a try.

This Festival is on till the 3rd January and a meal for 2 will cost around INR 900 plus taxes. So rush to add in to the festive spirit of the city.