“Civilization exists by geological consent subject to change without notice” – Will Durant. 

The facebook status read – Home sweet home..In kathmandu…awesome weather n yummy food..pure bliss. I responded – Don’t tempt us to drop down once again to Kathmandu darrrling . This was 8 days ago on the 17th of April . Just 8 days ago .

Learnt the meaning of the word rubble. Learnt the usage of the word rubble and understood that the word is too limited to cover and depict what exactly had happened and what exactly is going on in Nepal right now .

We stayed in Nepal for 10 days . That was last year . We stayed with a dear friend and her family . Hospitality , warmth and love was in abundance . It was abundant not only because we were extended family but also from people around , guides, shopkeepers and everyone.

We started with Durbarsquare , then went to Patan for Rato Machhendranath Festival , then visited Pokhara for World Peace Pagoda and Pokhara Lake , then back to Kathmandu and visited Swayambhu , Pashupathinath Temple , Bhaktapur and Boudha . As of now I am unsure about the damages in Pokhara, did not see any specifica reports from there on TV. However, as a checklist, when I now tally, almost everything else other than Pashupathinath temple is in ‘rubbles’ . Imagine Paris without Eiffel Tower , imagine India without Taj Mahal , imagine Athens without Acropolis – isn’t your vision getting blurred and thoughts getting cluttered . That’s exactly what people like me, who are in love , deep love with this country, are feeling now.

Cannot forget the face of the guide who had carried my 2 year old son to watch sunrise at Pokhara , cannot forget the lady at the Tibetan refugee camp in Pokhara who sat down with my son to play with her dog . How are those kids, who while returning from school at Bhaktapur durbarsquare laughed , played and posed for my camera? I don’t have any of these answers . I am searching for it. The monk, who was peace and serenity personified at Swayambhu or the old lady, who with folded hands spoke to Tugga, surely must be okay .

The death toll rises – now at 2000 , and still counting . Many many more are trapped inside. Watched the unfortunate man on TV, whose father and 7 year old son got buried inside a collapsed garage and he is yet to take them out.  Hundreds of helpless anguished faces keep coming up on the News channel – vision gets blurred. Some are trapped while trekking to Himalayas and some have already bid goodbye.

How much time does it take to witness history of 300 – 400 years turn into rubble – some few seconds. Now I realise even more how every second is precious, so precious .

Ace blogger friend of mine Deepanjan said a very valid point – we can only help Nepal by visiting back to Nepal.

What all can we do now to help them out ?

1. Donate to a legitimate fund

2. Raise a charity for the resurrection fund

3. Volunteer or ensure that we visit back as volunteers to help them out

and there can be many many more – lets not sit idle but contribute in our own small way for the sake of civilization . For the sake of Nepal .

Rubble is now added to my vocabulary in a way which I never intended. I pray that I never learn any more words like these which will always carry a painful memory.

Since the earthquake, my friend Komal and her family have been under open sky , with no food and scarcity of drinking water, but they are safe as of now. Perhaps they are simply waiting for a miracle which will stop the tremors and prevent further damage.

This way I offer my prayers for the safety of every person affected by this quake, be it in Nepal or India or anywhere else.

Tibetan refugee at Tibetan refugee camp at Pokhara

How is this ever smiling warm lady and her pet now ? Tibetan Refugee camp Pokhara

Durbar Suare Patan Kathmandu

Durbar Square Patan during Rato Macchendranath festival – The central building where people have gathered is no more

Old lady at Swayambhu Kathmandu Nepal blessing Tugga

The old lady who blessed Tugga at Swayambhu – Very keen to know how is she now

Swayambhu prayer wheels in 2014

Swayumbhu prayer wheels – Prayers remain . The eternal strength . Perhaps the wheels are no longer there

Boudhanath in Kathmandu by pikturenama

Boudhanath once upon a time in 2014


Tugga with his Dai . An unknown kid at Bhaktapur DurbarSquare who whil on his way back from school waited and played with Tugga

School kids at playful mood at Bhaktapur DurbarSquare

How are these kids ? What to mourn more the civilization or the architecture ?

School kids playing at Bhaktapur Durbarsquare Nepal pikturenama

In Playful mood – want to see this smile back

Kids with tourists at Bhaktapur Durbaraquare Nepal

Kids with tourists at Bhaktapur Durbarsquare Nepal