The changing face of Food delivery 

The world has changed completely in the last 4 months and food delivery hasn’t been any exception. Most of the time, you cannot even see the face of the person delivering the food. Guests have become more conscious about hygiene and safety standards followed by restaurants. Uncompromisable safety standards in each step of the food making process, till it reaches the dinner table is no longer a Value Added Service but a ‘must have’. The other changing aspect is to make the food travel. So, the challenge is keep the taste and the texture of the food same after 90 minutes of travelling. Add to that, the food gets reheated too. Hence it’s a plate full of trial and a tight rope walk to maintain the standards. 

Qmin App by IHCL  

This is a game-changer. Downloading the app is easy and hassle free. Qmin presents Qurated dishes made with highest Quality of ingredients, offering a variety of your favourite Quisines; delivered at the doorstep in the comfort and convenience of your home. Through this app, one can order food from the iconic restaurants of Taj Group. Therefore, in Kolkata, from Taj Bengal  there is Cal 27, Chinoiserie and Sonargaon and from Vivanta Kolkata, there is Mint. Each one, a stalwart in their own game and doesn’t need introduction. 

Important information about Qmin App 

The toll free national number for Qmin App is 18002667646. In this, one can order food for people in other cities from Taj Hotels, present in the city. Qmin App is currently present in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore and covers 14 outlets. One can get the full menu by ordering from app. For more details, this link will be helpful.

The great meal and few observations 

On a rainy afternoon, in true sense weathering the storm, the food reached us. As always, Executive Chef Sujoy Gupta, left no stone unturned in creating a great experience. There was plenty of food and more for than just a one time meal. First Packaging, there was no trace of plastic and we collected the packets from a neutral point in our complex. There were various sizes of bio degradable containers, without any spillage. They were neatly labelled, with instructions and food allergies. Also, a separate box contained all the condiments and sauces, again in paper cups. However, even after a 45 minute of travel, none spilled. A few days back, a famous chef was heard saying that to make food travel, one now needs to do reverse engineering. You make the food, keep it for 90 – 120 minutes and then re heat and then assess your food basis that. 

This is has been mastered to the ‘tee’ here. The finest delicacies from the places included – Chilli mountain chicken, Prawn tossed in spring onion
Chicken dimsum, Bhatti ke badami aloo, Murgh malai tikka in starters. The main course from Chinoiserie included – Prawn fried rice, Three flavoured noodles, Guizo fish, Double pepper chicken, Broccoli & water chestnut in black bean sauce, from Sonargaon – Subz handi pulao, Kosha Mangsho, Murgh tikka butter Masala, Dal Sonargaon, Warqi paratha, Pudina laccha paratha. It’s always tough to pick up from the wide range of Cal 27 but here is what we had – Pizza – veg, Pizza – non veg, Linguini tossed prawns, Raspberry cheese cake, Macademia brownie, Creme caramel, Carabie mousse chocolate – Qmin logo. 

The Top draws of Q min and why we are excited

Even after 4 hours and reheating the food, chicken and meat remained juicy with texture unchanged. Varki Paratha and Pudina Paratha were soft and the flavour profile was untouched.  The food from these outlets have always been legendary but now, the ever innovating inspiring team of IHCL and Taj Bengal have been able to make it travel also in a perfect way. As I said, this is a game changer. So, reinventing yourself in these days is the biggest ask of the day and I foresee this as a new vertical for the group altogether.

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 1

Thin crust Veg Pizza -1

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 2

The Pizza remained fresh all through

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 3

Kids loved it

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 6

The delicious combination of Kosha Mangsho and Sabz handi Polao

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 5

Dal Sonargaon and Murg Tikka Butter Masala

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 4

Murg Tikka butter masala and Varki Paratha

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 10

Though, Murg Malai Tikka was re heated twice, it did not lose it’s succulence and flavour.

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 12

This was a revelation – Bhatti ke Badami Aloo

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 13

Three flavoured noodles, Guizo fish, Double pepper chicken from Chinoiserie

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 15

There was a family fight over the Raspberry Cheese cake

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 16

The sweet note to end – Cream Caramel from Cal 27

QMin App by Taj Hotels - 12

No mention about the packaging is enough. Plastic free, well labelled with instructions what else do you need


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