It was finally a respite on Sunday afternoon (2nd august ) when the rain finally stopped, at least for the time being.

The huge clouds looming in

The huge clouds looming in

The last 10 days have been very bad with raingods doing a tantric dance in Kolkata. Almost every road in Kolkata is in a very bad shape. Reaching office, from outskirts of Kolkata (although once upon a time; no longer is Garia EM Bypass an outskirt) to central Kolkata, is like finding ones way through a maze. Thrice this week we started with one route in mind with a valiant attempt to avoid the traffic and ended up taking up some other route instead. Cars lined up like an unending long chain of lego blocks,  the rate of displacement being slower than a lazy tortoise and when it moved, it was like a roller coaster ride in a theme park. Did this affect the productivity at office? Yes it did. By Wednesday, we were already looking for rainy day excuses to bunk office.

We remember doing the same thing during our school days. Those days, our civilization was not evolved enough with connectivity in every form and that added to the fun. Going off to sleep with the sound of pitter patter on the window sill and waking up the next morning to check whether its been been raining incessantly all night long, always sparkled the anxiety of whether the school will remain open or not. The coloured raincoats and the challenge of folding them up, deliberately jumping and playing on muddy puddle, the white uniform getting spotted with marks of innocence and mischief, all are lost somewhere. These days, Madhushree receives a message on her mobile if Tugga’s school is open or shut way before the time to even get ready for school. Right now, rainy day and Sunday holds the same importance for Tugga – so the parents have a tough time.

rainfalls by pikturenama

and the water level starts rising                                      Pic – Sudhyasheel sen

Glasspanes by pikturenama

Thats how my glasspanes looked like

rainfalls by pikturenama

the blurred vision

While planning for rainy day campaigns for sweethandi, we did a spinoff on the famous fourliners  – Rain come jhoma jhom … How do you like this creative

This has been done by the wonderful creative duo of Rangan and Dipanjan



My friend Sudhyasheel – a creative genius, happily agreed to share some of his rain soaked Kolkata pics . Thanks Sudhya

We received the message just now – Tugga’s school will remain closed till the 5th .. No more rains please.