Rasgulla nahi hai ?( Is there no Rasgulla) ?

This was the feedback Sweethandi used to get every time they used to speak about the sweet offerings they had . It is very tough to set up a team without the star player, the show stopper. Imagine a 1960s famous Brazilian team without Pele, or the invincible Aussies of the 90’s without the legendary Shane Warne. Unthinkable!!

The spongy variant of the present day Rasgulla, Rasogolla or Roshogolla, however you pronounce it, made its entry into the foodscape around 1868 and rest as they say was history. In its journey of the last almost 150 years, it had once started as a newcomer, trying to make a breakthrough in the market of Sandesh ( another delicacy in Bengali Sweets and the ruler, perhaps before rosogolla came in ) and sweets made from Dal or lentils.

Calcutta Sweet Rasgulla

Since then, it has become a household name in Kolkata and Bengal. A brand which is almost synonymous with Bengalis and Kolkata. Meeting friends, visiting relatives, fixing of marriage, auspicious occasions, all embraced rasogolla as a keen partner in crime. It started spreading its wings across continents, amongst celebrities and diplomats and the saga continued and history was written.

For a long time for people visiting Kolkata, one claypot container of rasogolla was an inevitable part of their return journey.


So much so – I had carried some 50 rasogollas to my Head Office of one of the premium banks in India, in Lower Parel. Gone are those days, subsequently carrying rasogollas in hand luggage got banned, claypots gave in to sealed tin containers but the great migration continued.

Calcutta Sweet Rasgulla

Since Sweethandi started delivering sweets  there has been many stars. Shankh Sandesh (Sandesh in a shape of a conch shell), Kacha aam , chocolate jalbhora, rasomadhuri or the new entrants like Dorbesh and others . However, there was always a demand for rosogollas and finally one day, after much deliberation they started . The first order was sent to Pune and the demand is only uphill ..

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Calcutta Sweet Rasgulla

P.S. This is an advertorial for sweethandi