This is adult . This is sinful . This is Royal treatment . It was all about the launch of Magnum Ice Cream – one of world’s leading premium ice cream brands where the iconic ice cream is made with pure Belgian chocolate .

Madhushree and I were one of the invitees at the launch that happened at the Crystal room of Taj Bengal .

Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata Taj Bengal

Taj Bengal set up for Magnum Ice Cream launch

There was a masterclass by renowned celebrity chef Kunal Kapur of Masterchef  India fame and Magnum Lover beautiful ravishing Soha Ali Khan .

Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata Soha Ali Khan Pataudi

Ravishing Soha Ali Khan Pataudi at the Magnum Launch Kolkata

Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata

Chef Kunal Kapur at Magnum India Ice cream Launch at Kolkata

We were taken on a Belgian chocolate trail and what a journey it was . Chef Kunal Kapur started the day explaining the process of chocolate making from beans to bar .

Effectively, when cocoa butter and cocoa powder is mixed with milk and sugar, it becomes a chocolate. The distinguishing factor between milk and dark chocolate is the percentage of cocoa in them. Dark chocolate has way more percentage of cocoa and is full bodied whereas milk chocolate has less cocoa and more milk compared to dark. Most of us wonder why white chocolate is white in colour and still called a chocolate – the simple reason being that it does not contain any cocoa in it only the cocoa butter with milk soilds and sugar .

If you have a dessert craving you can try out this eggless chocolate mugcake 

The best chocolate cake you can ever taste 

For the dinner parties there is always Double Chocolate Mousse cake 

eggless chocolate mug cake - 2
best chocolate cake - 3
Double chocolate Mousse cake by Rachel Allen - 3


Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata Soha Ali Khan Pataudi with ice cream

Soha Ali Khan at launch

The real trail started when we tasted three different types of Belgian chocolates – White, milk and dark .

Belgian Chocolate 

What makes the Belgian Chocolate most superior – The quality and grade of cocoa used in a Belgian chocolate is far superior to any other and it contains a minimum 35 percent Cocoa – one of the highest in world which makes it rich and indulgent . There are various cocoa picking tests that the poor cocoa nibs have to go through. They have to be of absolute finest quality to get picked by the Belgian chocolate makers. The percentage of cocoa butter is extremely high in Belgian chocolates.

The real launch happened when the entire audience took the first bite together of the Magnum Ice Cream . The unique part is – the Belgian Chocolate coating on Magnum is  specially designed to be thick and cracking , so much that  there was CRACKING sound in the auditorium .

Magnum Ice Cream will launch three flavours in Kolkata from March 1 :

  1. Magnum Classic- which is a vanilla bar coated with Dark chocolate
  2. Magnum Chocolate Truffle: which is a chocolate bar coated in dark chocolate
  3. Magnum Almond: which is again a vanilla bar coated with milk chocolate and almonds bits

We gorged away to glory and the best part of these bars was they would not melt away. The chocolate coating had a crackle till the last bite. It’s easy to have and not messy at all unlike several other brands of bar ice creams. Also another notable point was that it wasn’t very heavy in taste. Especially the vanilla bars. Even though it was coated with rich chocolate, the entire feeling was quite light.The magnum bars are essentially made for adults. They are specifically calling it adult ice cream- made to tantalise adult taste buds.

Chef Kunal Kapoor improvised and made a Pathi Sapta with Magnum Ice cream to everyone’s delight . Beautiful Soha Ali Khan was his supposed trainee for the evening .


Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata CHef kunal Kapoor and Soha Ali Khan cooking up a Pathi Shapta

Chef kunal Kapoor and Soha Ali Khan Pataudi cooking Pathi Shapta at Magnum Ice cream launch

Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata Soha Ali Khan and Chef Kunal Kapoor checking final Pathi Shapta

Chef Kunal Kapoor and Soha Ali Khan Pataudi checking the final Pathi Sapta

Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata Pathi Shapta made by Chef Kunal Kapoor

Pathi Shapta made by Chef Kunal Kapur

The tables were turned and we all tried our hand at making some ice cream sundaes with various topping provided (jelly beans, gems, chocolates. Rice sprinkles etc) and some magnum chocolate bars.Each table came out with a different name for their sundae, some- magnificent magnum to sex with magnum, the latter came from our table.

Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata participants making Magnum Sundae

Participants making Magnum Sundae

Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata Sex on Magnum

Sex On Magnum

Recipe for PathiSapta with Magnum Ice Cream –

Patishapta in basically crepes made with rice flour and semolina with some coconut and date palm jiggery filling. Chef kunal made the crepe using rice flour, semolina, a little bit of sugar and some milk. He made the batter and poured a ladle full on a hot pan. He spread it out evenly in to circular shape. Once the crepe has reached a light golden colour, he flipped it out and tunred it into a cone inside a conical paper. He then chopped up some magnum ice cream and filled the inside of the cone with it. Then topped it with some khoya (milk solids), cranberries and some nuts and almonds.

Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata Belgian Chocolate

Yes we felt we needed more of this

Its adult . Its Indulgence. Its sinful.  As we craved for more and cannot wait but look forward to 1st of March 2015 when it hits the stores in Kolkata .

Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata the goodie bag

The wonderful goodie bag

Magnum Ice Cream Launch at Kolkata with Chef Kunal Kapur

The fanboy moment

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