When the skyline is filled with shining lights, they have a glim of darkness in their eyes. When the happiness decibel is beyond the normal level, there is a silence in their hearts. When its counting of new clothes for most of the kids, they only hope to have the next meal.

They say, underneath the light is the darkest. How often we think about the underprivileged children and how they enjoy the festivities. We were lucky enough to grow up in a situation, where till a certain age we were in competition of counting how many clothes we had for Pujas; but what about those children who do not have proper clothes to wear also? I had a hand to hold, someone teaching me how to count the number of hands of  Ma Durga – I was privileged; but what about the one who are not so much?

Vivel Pujo Love by ITC

That helping hand

Vivel Pujo Love by ITC

The eternal hope and help

When I came across this initiative by ITC’s Vivel, where they are taking an initiative to spread the smile all across the society and mainly to the underprivileged children, I was both happy and unhappy. Happy because it s always encouraging to see corporate coming up with genuine efforts to support a great cause in reality and not just fulfilling their quota of Corporate Social responsibility. I was unhappy because I wondered, what am I doing to help this cause. Perspectives change with age and now as a father, I don’t want any children to be sad during the festive days.  As a human being and more importantly as a father, I want to be part of this so that at least like my son, I can bring in a smile to another child in the society. Since the day my son was born, we have given away all his old clothes in best shapes to charity and we still continue to do so. But is that enough? Perhaps no.

ITC’s Vivel will have the silver screen actor and brand ambassador Dev, accompany these children throughout the day for Pandal hopping, good food and good clothes. I can imagine the amount of excitement the kids will have. Even if its for a day, they can forget all their miseries and join the festivities like a normal child. I will be there for sure and if by any chance you come across them in any pandal – I will request you for something. Share your warmth. Give these kids a hug . Thats what they want . Spread the VivelPujolove

Although this is for a day, I wish this to continue for next year and years to come also. Aschhe bochhor abar hobe..