The prompts for a blog are very unique in nature and it strikes you at very odd hours and this blog is an ideal example of it. There is this reflection image/soul of mine, who now wants to express thoughts on my pictures and this is the first time, I am making it public. All the posts from ‘The Unknown Star’ will be from my mirror image. We were in Goa for Indiblogger Zica meet and while on our way to Hotel Alila Diwa Goa, we crossed some beautiful houses. These were typical Old Goan bungalows influenced by Portugese architecture. 

I have always been inspired by my good blogger friend Divsi who blogs at Quirkywanderer  and she had written about a walk in Goa , which has been one of the most inspirational posts for me. I have never shared this publicly but have always, always wanted to do something like this. 

Since then, I had not visited Goa and I didn’t want to let go off this chance. Between the end of  1.5 days of schedule and the return flight, we had only 2 hours. We as in, Sammya and me. The connection was that we were both from Kolkata and more importantly, he is a way better photographer than me and crazier too. We were tired, it was hot outside, but still we were ready. 

It was 15 mins from the hotel that we found this building. We spent another half an hour around this building. In a narrow lane, as a silent witness to a very tangible past. Its mystique and the blue had so many shades in different parts of the building. Alas we could not see it in different hours of the day, wonder how beautifully it would have changed the dimensions of the colour blue. I returned with so many questions in my mind.  Who must be staying there? How many generations must have stayed in that house? Wouldn’t there be one monsoon when one member of the family would have got drenched endlessly on the terrace? Is there a corner of the house where a little boy would always run and hide himself after being scolded? Has this house been witness to a verandah where a teenage girl has spoken with her lover endlessly and dreamt of future? Is there a ceiling fan which has seen heart beats stopping? What about that mirror in house who has always told the little girl in wheel chair that she is the princess? 

Blue is also a symbol of death right?

My mirror image writes on this – 

It was a chirp, a crisp chirp.

It was not a bird this time, it was her  foot on dry leaf!

“Things have changed” – yet she could still hear the silence. The silence of the laughter around the glass window.

The creeping trees on the side walls – she asked why – he replied – we cannot work against nature

Oh! Probably no one could stop death too – pointing to the walls  

—– The Unknown Star


Goa Blue House 1

Goa Blue House 5

Goa Blue House 4

Goa Blue House 10

Goa Blue House 7

Goa Blue House 9

Goa Blue House 13