Individuals travelling to the United States for holidays, further studies, or work-related conferences expect a hassle-free experience. However, one cannot cast aside the possibility of unfortunate scenarios while travelling abroad. There might be instances of passport loss, misplaced luggage, or delays resulting in flight misses. Under such circumstances, a traveller needs to bear expenses that can be financially challenging.

Nevertheless, individuals obtaining travel insurance from a reputed insurer can secure their trips and cover such costs in case of travel-related issues. This product is specially engineered to meet a traveller’s requirements. Additionally, it includes COVID-19-related expenses in case a traveller tests positive and requires hospitalisation.

Besides, there are other ways in which an insurance policy can come handy while travelling to the US. Here’s a look at those benefits in detail.

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7 instances of how your US trip will be seamless with a travel insurance policy

Whether an individual travels domestically or abroad like in the US, financial products such as an insurance policy are essential. It reduces financial liability in the case of the following instances:

  1. Coverage for loss of checked baggage

Delayed or lost baggage while travelling to the US can hamper the trip and increase the financial burden. However, an insurance policy takes care of such events by reimbursing charges for any essential personal items lost during the baggage claim process. Furthermore, in case of delayed checked luggage, policyholders can get financial help for any necessary action until receiving the bag.

  1. Coverage for hospitalisation charges

There might be situations when a traveller falls sick or meets with an accident resulting in hospitalisation. Bearing such expenses while travelling to the US can create a financial dent. Considering this, one must obtain a well-rounded insurance plan and cover the hospitalisation costs. Such a policy covers any fatalities that may occur during a trip. Further, some insurers continue to pay for the hospitalisation charges even when the policy expires for a period of 60 days or till the person is discharged, whichever is earlier. 

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  1. Coverage for personal liability

If a person is involved in an accident where there are third-party injuries, it can become a liability for him or her. To that end, individuals must get proper insurance before going on a trip. This financial product covers damages caused to a third-party person or property while travelling.

Note: A travel policy does not provide coverage benefits in case a traveller’s family member or acquaintance living with him suffers injury.

  1. Travel assistance services

Travelling abroad to places like the United States requires proper planning as several things can go wrong during that period and cause inconvenience. On top of that, language becomes a barrier in a foreign land. However, travel insurance companies offer assistance during trivial as well as serious situations ensuring a seamless experience. A travel policy covers everything from providing legal help to getting passports replaced.

In addition, it also takes care of emergency travel services like cash transfers and advances.

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  1. COVID-19 cover

Considering the pandemic situation, insurers offer travel plans with a COVID-19 cover. The coverage extent of this plan is:

  • Medical expenses: Individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 during their trip can get coverage benefits for medical expenses incurred. They can also get coverage against hospitalisation charges.
  • Trip cancellation: An insured person will receive compensation if they or their travel companion or an immediate family member are tested positive for COVID-19 resulting in trip cancellation. In such a case, travel insurers will compensate for the non-refundable and unused amounts of hotel bookings, ticket costs, etc. However, this benefit is available for individuals booking tickets and hotels before testing positive.
  • Trip curtailment: In case an individual’s US trip needs to be cut short due to their family member’s or travel companion’s positive COVID-19 report, a travel insurer will pay trip interruption expenses. These expenses will include a prepaid and unused portion of accommodation and travel expenses and additional travel and accommodation expenses due to trip interruption.
  • Automatic extension: Extension of travel policies take place if there is a lockdown in the destination country. The extension period is for 7 days.
  1. Emergency medical treatment and evacuation

During the US trip, travellers might require emergency medical treatment that might not be available in a particular hospital. In that case, a travel policy will cover charges for evacuation. Under this facility, individuals can get back to India for emergency treatment in a seamless manner.

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  1. Loss of passport and assurance that your visa won’t be rejected

Loss of a passport is quite common, especially when you go for a foreign trip. The travel insurance company will cover all the expenses in recovering your passport to avoid any hassle. However, in case your passport gets lost during your vacation US, your US tourist visa from India can be rejected. Make sure that you submit a valid passport at the time of visa application.

Obtaining a tourist visa for the US from India is easy. One must follow the given steps for a successful application:

  • Download and fill out the visa form (DS-160).
  • Pay the necessary visa application fee.
  • Schedule a date for the interview.
  • Visit the US embassy for verification.

Thus, it is imperative that a travel policy is an essential financial document that comes in handy during various aspects of a journey. Before planning a trip to the US, one must consider obtaining insurance and reducing financial obligations in the future.

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