Since the time this post was written and when its seeing the daylight, version 1.0 has turned 3.25 already . Nothing much has changed though. Dinosaurs are even closer to him now and Peppa pig and her family still comes alive on our laptop almost every day. 

“Are you sure you will be able to make a Dinosaur Cake at home ? 

Dinosaur scales getting ready at Dinosaur Cake by pikturenama

The scales of the Dinosaur getting ready under careful observation

Tugga turns 3 . The growth and maturity, other than the height and weight, we noticed is that he is almost able to finalize the guest list for his birthday party and also what cake he wants.

These days his favourite cartoon character is peppa pig. Its the story of a family which considers of papa pig, mamma pig, Peppa pig- the elder sister and George, her younger brother . Tugga identifies himself with George and one of the main reasons for identification is their pure unending love for dinosaurs. No wonder that “dinosaur” had to be the theme for his birthday .

March in itself is very hectic for all corporate houses and business organisations and ours was not any different. However his wish is our command and when he has got a mom, who can never say no and takes up any challenge, wishing is like consider it being done .

The toy and the Dinosaur Cake by pikturenama

The toy sees the reflection

Research work in the form of endless hours over the internet, few lengthy visits to New Market and planning, formed the base work . As usual, Saturday became real late as we returned home around 10 pm from office.

The real work started from Sunday evening. It went upto 2.30 AM . Work was distributed and I slept peacefully as I was trusted upon to decorate the house and blow the balloons. Sounds easy? Well, only those who have tried can tell – its not . I think I managed the show.

His biggest excitement was the cake and he expressed his wish to get a Dinosaur Cake. Stegosaurus was chosen as the lead actor and Madhushree ensured that almost an exact replica of Stegosaurus was created.

What was the most challenging task in all this ? Holding back Tugga to eat parts the Stegosaurus cake while it was being made.

How to make a Dinosaur Cake ?

If you are a person with immense patience and don’t mind spending hours for a cake, then go for this. It’s easy but very time consuming; yet gives a lot of satisfaction once done.

The basic ingredients for assembling a Dinosaur cake are:

Vanilla sponge cake 9 inch 2 nos Red Fondant 1 cup
Vanilla sponge cake 8 inch 2 nos Green food colour A few drops
Vanilla Butter Cream 2 large piping bags Chocolate cake for soil 9 inches 2 -3
Tooth picks 4 -5 Wooden skewers 2


The easiest way to make this cake is to use shop bought cakes for the base. However, I like to bake my own cakes. I used this particular recipe which I had taken from a very dear friend of mine who owns a pastry shop. The cake turns out to be quite firm and yet moist in the inside. It’s easy to carve out the cake and it is very tasty unlike the dense and dry cakes used for carving.

The Ingredients for the Vanilla sponge for the base:

Makes one 9 inch and one 8 inch cake

Butter 300 gms Caster sugar 300 gms
Flour 300 gms Eggs 6 nos
Baking powder 12 gms Vanilla 2 tsps
Milk ½ cup


In a mixing bowl, cream together butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time while whisking gently. Once all the eggs have been incorporated, sift in the flour with the baking powder. Very gently fold the flour, making sure not to knock out the air. Add the vanilla and the milk. Once you have a smooth batter, pour it in 2 prepared cakes tins, one of 9 inch and one of 8 inch. Place in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 25 to 30 mins or until it’s beautiful golden in colour. You will know your cake is done perfectly when you pierce the cake with a knife and it comes out smoothly. Leave it to cool inside the refrigerator for at least an hour before actually carving it out.

The tail of the Dinosaur Cake by pikturenama

The tail of the Dinosaur Cake

Ingredients for Vanilla Butter cream:

Butter 200 gms Icing sugar 500 gms
Vanilla 2 – 3 tsp Green food colour A few drops

Whisk together the butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add the vanilla and the food colour. Pour in piping bags and keep them refrigerated. You can prepare the butter cream in advance and keep. Remember to bring it to room temperature before piping out. You need a star tip nozzle inside the piping bag to create the dinosaur skin.

The face of the Dinosaur Cake by pikturenama

The face of the Dinosaur Cake


How to assemble a Dinosaur Cake:

Honestly I went on the internet and googled 3 d dinosaur cake and I learnt how to make it. The difficult part was getting the correct recipe for the base, which I already have given above. I had many recipes for sponges but I was not sure which one to use and which one would be perfect for this.

For the final assembly, I will just point out a few obstacles or difficulties I faced. For the actual assembly, I am just going to give a link to the website from where I have learnt. The cake did not look exactly like the picture from the website; however I was proud of myself. It was quite close.

Stages of inserting the scales in Dinosaur Cake by pikturenama

Stages of inserting the scales on the Dinosaur

Pointers I would like to share:

  • In the instructables website, they have asked for only 2 nos 9 inch cakes. However, I made extra and it helped out.
  • If you are doing it the first time, there is a chance that you may spoil the cake while carving. Having some extra base is a blessing.
  • You need at least a foot and half long solid base on which you will have to place the dinosaur and you directly need to start placing the blocks or pieces on it. You cannot transfer it later.
  • Prepare the fondant scales a day before and let the scales dry out. It’s easier to insert the scales on the back if the fondant is hard.
  • Be extra cautious while balancing the head.
  • Do not move the cake too much once the head is inserted with a toothpick. It tends to fall off.
  • For the soil, use any chocolate cake. I actually used several kinds of cakes and other decorations. If I had the time, I probably could do better.
  • Last but the most important part is keeping your child away from the scene when the cake is being prepared :)


The complete Dinosaur Cake by pikturenama

The completed Dinosaur cake