Its a very special day for me. 4 years back at 10.39 AM, while I was holding Madhushree’s hand and still debating whether its going to be a girl or a boy, he landed. Life has never been the same again for me, for us and for everyone around him. The grand parents, the uncles and aunts, the brothers and sisters, everyone has been engrossed in him. It was as if all have been transported to a new world. The conversation starts and ends with him as the centre of discussion. Everything else has become immaterial.

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I have been a ‘hands- on dad’ since the beginning, as I did not want to lose out on seeing him grow up. There is hardly  any task left that I could do and yet did not do for him. An experience worth remembering for a life time.  Often I felt that there is so much to tell him, share with him, which will be worth now and may lose its significance but then, he would not understand half of the things if told now or if they would have been shared earlier.

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At times I fear that as he grows up, will all our discussion be centered around determining whats right and wrong? Will it be around the relevance of certain values of one generation which becomes irrelevant in the next? And what happens if in all this, he never gets a chance to know who his real father was? What if he never gets to hear those small stories of him growing up? I experienced the same when I lost my father (he went into a coma and when we knew that its only a matter of time, i sensed how less I know of the man, how many stories he left untold).

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My blog is my voice, our small notes (as Madhushree is also closely involved in this), which we have documented over time as a representation of our lives, Tugga growing up, how we felt about things around us. Some day when Tugga reads the blog and this piece of post, will he smile and feel proud of his parents?

This blog is more than a blog for me, for us and hence we want to take it to the next level …

I was tagged by Blogchatter to write this post and could not let this chance go off to leave a note for my son and I will like to tag Eshita to know why she wants to take her blog to the next level