Parshe maach er jhal is a traditional Bengali fish recipe that relies heavily on mustard paste. Although this fish can be prepared in a variety of ways, this is the dish used in the majority of Bengali households.

Tel koi is a common gravy cooked in most homes. The dish is defined by a thick sauce cooked mostly with minimum seasonings and predominantly mustard oil. Every house is unique, but one thing they all have in common is a substantially higher oil-to-water ratio.

One of the most popular fisg curries in Bengali cuisine. Pabda Macher Jhal is cooked with the fewest spices possible. A mild simmer of potato and bori elevates this curry to new heights.

Loitta Macher Jhuri is a Bengali delicacy. Fry dried Bombay duck fish until crispy. Sauté onions, green chilies, and spices. Add fish and stir-fry till mixed. A burst of flavors with a hint of spice, perfect with rice. Enjoy the crispy texture and authentic taste of this traditional Bengali dish.

Tangra macher jhol is a Bengali styly spicy catfish curry with nigella seeds, onions, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and mustard oil.