There's lassi for the rest of the country but we Bongs love doi er ghol. It is a much thinner version of a lassi, almost like buttermilk but with different flavours. Bhaja moshla is subtly used to flavour this drink.

The same doi er ghol can also be flavoured with Gondhoraj lemon and black salt making it a beautifully fragrant and refreshing drink

Summer is incomplete with this smoky, sweet and sour refreshing green mango drink. Green mangoes are roasted on open flame, the pulp is then blended with rock salt, sugar and bhaja moshla into this heavenly drink

Some hate it and some absolutely love it. There is no middle way for bael panna or wood apple smoothie with yoghurt, black pepper, rock salt and jaggery.

Not a very popular drink but this is much like a mango smoothie with yogurt and dates to sweeten it. Not very thick but a light consistency.