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6 Bengali Recipes (Veg)

You can either love this or hate this but crunchy neem leaves with fried eggplants is one of the most loved bitters to start a meal with. Try having a sip of water after having neem begun with rice and you get a sweet and cooling aftertaste

Doodh potol- Pointed gourd cooked in milk. It is one of those silky creamy recipes that is sure to impress any crowd.

Kolmi greens pureed with motor dal and then fried into dumpling and then cooked into a light shukto with summer vegetables. This shukto does not have any radhuni. Mustard seeds and methi seeds are used to temper the oil and it is finished with ginger paste and poppy seed paste

Okra or bhindi cooked with a mango mustard sauce. With freshly grated coconut, onion slices and aam kashundi, this is a brilliant recipe that can be had with rice or roti.

When it comes to pulao, you can always get a little adventurous with this brilliant recipe of chal potol-almost like basanti pulao but with the flavor of parwal or pointed gourd.