6 non vegetarian dishes 

Although chicken chaap sells round the year in Kolkata, but winter makes it easy for this rich and delicious food from available at all the biryani joints in Kolkata. How about you make it at home the next time.

This recipe belongs to the family of late Sadia Delhi and it is simply glorious!! Very easy to make with 3 different kinds of daal and mutton on the bone.

Copious amounts of ghee, raw papaya marination and the fragrance from Korma masala and kewra makes for this gorgeous mutton korma recipe.

It's rustic with an overdose of onion and garlic. Slow-cooked with many whole spices, this murgir dom tastes great when cooked with a desi murgi too.

We literally wait through the year to enjoy this Nihari. It's a typical winter delicacy and usually sold as breakfast at many old joints in Kolkata, Old Delhi and so on but if you like Nihari, you must try this recipe, again from the late Sadia Dehlvi

The more the butter, the better this tastes. Mutton cooked with whole tomatoes and minimal spices, this is finger-licking deliclous