7 Bhapa recipes from bengali kitchen

Fresh water prawns slathered in a paste of In yellow mustard seeds, poppy seeds and green chili along with mustard oil and then steamed inside a tiffin box for ultimate taste and experience

Hilsa steaks marinated with a mix of black mustard and yellow mustard paste, freshly grated coconut and green chilies along with mustard oil and then steamed inside a container

This has a 2 part cooking process where winter vegetables are first satueed with spices and then wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed till completely cooked.

Boal is a large catfish variety and is a very oily fish. Marinade the steaks with onion paste, a lot of garlic paste, salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder and copious amounts of mustard oil and then cover and cook in a pan.

It is called batichorchori since the prawns, onions and potatoes are mised with spices and cooked inside a bati but it is essentially covered and cooked under steam.

Similar to chingri batichorchori minus the prawns, this is an incredibly delicious recipe that tastes great for lunch, dinner or even breakfast with roti

Bhetki fillets marinated with yellow mustard, black mustard, coconut, poppy seed, green chilies and mustard oil, wrapped and cooked on a tawa