8 chicken recipes from Bengal

Let's begin with the one Bengalis can't do without. If not mangsher jhol, its' murgir jhol for Sunday lunch with large halved potatoes that will simply melt along with a gorgeously red coloured jhol or gravy.

One would say add posto to anything and it will turn good, which is probably true. This posto murgi has minimal spices with poppy seed paste as the hero and is a real celebratory dish

Nothing Irani about this recipe and it's almost known as murgi rani in our home, this is a very easy recipe cooked with yoghurt, saffron, black cardamom and cashew paste. Goes well with pulao or paratha and is a big hit with kids and adults alike.

It's rustic with an overdose of onion and garlic. Slow-cooked with many whole spices, this murgir dom tastes great when cooked with a desi murgi too.

You cannot talk about chicken recipes from Bengal and miss out of the ever-popular chicken chaap found in all the biryani places. This one is homemade version of the same and incredibly delicious.

Don't go by the really bad image taken eons ago, this jhalfarezi is an Anglo-Indian speciality and the recipe has been taken from a beautifully written book by Jayabrato Chatterjee on the journey of culture and cuisines in Kolkata over several decades.