kochupata chingri, also known as taro leaves, are prepared with prawns in a well-known Bangla or Bangladeshi dish that heavily features mustard paste and is a great option for lunch with gorom Bhat

Bengalis love Bhaja Bhuji and Alur Chop is everyone's favorite. But for a change, if you add prawns to it, your evening snacks seem to be sorted. The combination of mashed potato light gram flour or besan batter with small bits and pieces of prawns  makes it delectable.

Lau or bottle gourd is one of the comforting vegetables and to give it a  twist, add Chingri and enjoy. This recipe needs the least amount of ingredients. For prawn lovers, this dish is a must-try.

We  have a variety of recipes with Prawns but Do you know, Chingri Pairs very well with Shapla or Water Lilly Stem? This typical Bengali dish uses mustard paste, prawns and Shapla. That's it.  Give it a try, its delicious.

Chingri Makha is a recipe with small prawns, lightly steamed and mixed with onions and other herbs and mustard oil. It is almost a light summer salad or an antipasti.

Fulkopi Diye Chingri Mach is a traditional Bengali recipe where Tiger prawns are cooked cauliflower and potatoes in a light and flavourful gravy with no onion and no garlic.

A traditional Bengali dish made with mustard paste is called shorshe bhapa chingri. It can be the star of any supper and is incredibly quick and simple to prepare. One of the dishes can be made in less than 30 minutes.

Daab Chingri is one of the most loved chingri recipes. The prawns are cooked with mustard paste and coconut milk inside a tender coconut shell is a delight for holiday lunch days

Coconut milk and fresh water prawns used to prepare this creamy Bengali-style prawn curry is a delight with gorom bhat.

Prawn fried rice is a delightful dish, combining succulent prawns, steamed rice, and an array of vegetables, all stir-fried to perfection in aromatic spices and soy sauce. This savoury and satisfying meal offers a burst of flavours and textures that will leave taste buds craving more.