Chop - Cutlet

A Calcutta cabin speciality, this chicken cutlet is made ith minced chicken and certain herbs and spices, crumb coated and deep fried.

Winter is here and this phulkopir cutlet is a must have in a Bengali household. Serve this cutlet with kasundi mixed with a bit of ketchup and some onion rings for a complete evening snack.

This Kolkata style alur chop in besan batter has small bits and pieces of prawns as a surprise. It is just too easy to make and is a wonderful accompaniment to tea/ coffee.

This is a rendition of the chhana koraishutir chop. Slightly textured boiled green peas cooked with spices, mashed and layered with homemade chhana, coated and crumb fried is unparalleled.

Bhekti mach or Kolkata Beckti has a special place in the hearts of Bengalis. This is the classic fish fry made with Kolkata Beckti with a breaded batter.

Dimer Devil is a popular and lip smacking Kolkata style street food where boiled egg is wrapped in spicy potato masala. Try the one where it is coated with mutton keema and with a runny yolk, making it completely irresistible.