When it comes to shorshe bata or mustard based gravies, nothing tops Ilish macher jhal. Hilsa steaks cooked in a pungent and fiery mustard sauce has no other food parallels

When you run out of ideas for lunch, go for this humble potato and dried lentil curry cooked in a thin mustard sauce

Make the best of the green tomatoes that you get only in winter with this sweet, spicy and tangy recipe that is delicious like none other.

You can make a jhaal (the ghoti way of mustard based gravy) out of any fish but with parshe mach go for this classic jhaal with black mustard paste and a little bit of poppy seed paste

Soft and mushry brinjals in a rich and silky mustard and yoghurt sauce. I add a paste of raisins, cashews and poppy seed to make it more lush

The simplest of all recipes where you put together prawns and potato julienne along with onion slices, mustard paste and copious amounts of mustard oil in a tiffin box and steam cook it

Right after Ilish, comes Bhetki mach bathed in a sauce of mustard, poppy seed and coconut paste, wrapped in a banana leaf and then cook it on the tawa. It is just plain good!

Again another tiffin box recipe with beautiful fresh prawns, mustard, poppy seed and coconut paste, green chilies and mustard oil. Mix this with rice and have and each mouthful is an explosion of flavour.