Recipes where Yoghurt plays a crucial role in Bengali Cuisine

The most common of all, it is the simplest of recipes that turn out to be absolutely rich and delicious. Other than yoghurt, ginger is what brings out the flavor in this

Doi Mach

Doi Begun

Come summers, this becomes a staple and a crowd puller in dinner parties and it takes only 20 mins to make this.

Macher Kalia

No biye bari is complete without macher kalia. Thick fried steaks of katla mach in a rich yoghurt and onion based gravy with the fragrance of garam masala is a must try

Begun Basanti

Although one can argue that this is more of a mustard based dish, you cannot take away the role of yoghurt, giving a nice velvety texture to the sauce.

Remember to make this at your next dinner party- minimum ingredients, maximum taste and almost no effort.

Murgir Korma

This one is a family favourite. Islish is cooked in a yoghurt sauce with a little bit of mustard paste, making it creamy and luscious

Doi Ilish

Doi Murgi Again is  an easy peasy recipe where the chicken in cooked in onion and ginger paste with whole garam masala and yoghurt. I don’t have the recipe- take the picture from murg irani.

Doi Murgi

Without onions to give body to the gravy, this dish relies on good quality yoghurt whisked with the spices to give it that necessary rich texture

Niramish Mangsho